Monday, July 28, 2008

Week Endng July 27th

Wow, what a strange week. The king fishing was pretty good but not consistent and the red salmon have more or less disappeared. In the boat we would have a good morning or a good afternoon but not both. Needless to say memories were made every day. It was fun watching Al Witte coach his son Nick to his first king salmon ever. It was also fun to watch Heather catch a 50lb king salmon the first time she has ever fished (she's the one in the photo who can't lift the fish off of the dock). And you know what, even the trips we didn't land a fish the company was great. I sure need to thank Gary, Matt, Garrett, and Ken for sticking out a morning of fishing during the worst weather I have ever experienced in July. As Gary said at the end of the trip, "the only thing worse than fishing for 6 hours in this weather is fishing 12 hours......good luck this afternoon, Keith."

The king season is winding down right now. My final three days I'm fishing a group from Calgary. Their plans are to release all fish so hopefully I'll take a few action shots from the boat.

Tuesday, July 22, 2008

Tuesday Continued

Tuesday afternoon wasn't quite as hot as the morning, but Dave and Chase both ended up with nice kings.
Buff also got a jack salmon that isn't pictured. It was an afternoon of activity, though as both Joe and Buff had bites and opportunities that just didn't make it to the boat.

Super Tuesday

Hey, this morning started out as a great Super Tuesday. All four kings were in the boat by 8:08am. Keith even got a hot breakfast out of the is a nice break to get done so early.

I hope the afternoon trip goes as well.
I will keep you posted.

July Week Ending 7/19

Well, it was an up and down week on the Kenai. We ended up with some really nice kings but also had some tough trips of just waiting it out.
However, the reds have really started hitting so the bank anglers have been doing well. We also dip-netted on Sunday (open to Alaska residents only) and came back to the dock with 107 and nice sockeyes.
Have a good week!

Monday, July 14, 2008

week ending July 12th

Well, kind of an up and down week this week. One really good day, a couple of pretty good days and a couple of so-so days. I was a bit worried about the strength of the king run this year but the sonar counts are picking up and better days should lie ahead.

About the reds, they are beginning to show but not in great numbers yet. It should be any day now that we'll see a 20,000 fish day. "Eating is cheating and sleep is the enemy....Welcome to the red season!"

Sunday, July 6, 2008

Week Ending July 5th

Fishing on the 4th was pretty good. We managed to catch 5 kings but 4 of them were small. The one we kept was landed by Wally. Brian backbounced a nice king to bite but unfortunately it was the one that got away. We got a chance to look at it and depending on who you talk to it was a big if not bigger than the one Wally got.

Fishing on Saturday proved to be a bit tougher. Mary caught one and Darlene had a chance to fight one before losing it. Not much action on the river for a lot of anglers. The tides were real high, the water a bit off colored, and we're between the first run and the second run. How's that for excuses?

Thursday, July 3, 2008

Fishing Update 7/3/08

It was quite a morning we had today. We did the usual greeting at the dock and hurried out to the river to hold a spot before the 6:00am start time. I was showing "Team Schild" how we were going to fish and how the rod holders work. At 6:00am I told them to let their lines out and everyone but Dick put their rods in the rod holders. He asked if he could hold on to the rod because he felt like he was going to get one. I told him that was fine but let the fish bite a couple of times before setting the hook. Five minutes later Dick yelled "fish on" and another five minutes later the fish was in the net. We set up on the next troll and within five minutes John hit one and 15 minutes later it came to the net. Dick's fish on the left, John's is on the right.

I was thinking that this was going to be one of those mornings where we limit out in an hour. Well, I guess I shouldn't count my chickens before they hatch. Leann and Dan fished up until noon with two bites but no more takers. It was a lot of fun this morning. Good fishing and great people makes for a wonderful day.

Wednesday, July 2, 2008

Kenai Classic Tournament

Sorry, no pictures on this post. This is because the people I fished were not guests of ours at Beaver Creek Cabins. Tuesday morning and Wednesday morning I was selected to fish in the 2008 Kenai Classic fishing tournament. This was my seventh year of fishing the tournament and I feel honored that out of 465 guides only 55 were invited to participate. Each client pays $6000 to fish two 1/2 days on the Kenai. Money raised from this tournament is used for habitat restoration on the Kenai--something very important to all involved. The last two years over one million dollars were raised and it looks as if this year will be the same.

So, about the fishing. My boat managed to be right in the thick of things. The first day we landed two kings with the largest measuring 46.5 inches. The second day we managed to land three kings that were all around 25lbs. Great tournament, great event, and the weather couldn't have been better. A great way to start this week.