Sunday, August 18, 2019

Fishing Report Week Ending 8/18/19

Silver salmon was the focus this week, and the fishing was very good.
On Tuesday, I fished the Marlatt family once again. Here's Alyssa with her first silver salmon ever. It took a little coaxing to get her to hold it, but she came through like a champ (notice her hands...).
Sister Megan continued her fishy ways from the week before and caught this one. She also caught another one to complete her silver salmon limit.
Dad Mike, ended the day with the biggest fish. Please don't ask me why there's a beer coozy in it's mouth...
On Wednesday, Angeline and Tavish got their limit of nice silver salmon. Way to go Team Wisconsin.
On Thursday, I fished with my college roommate, Buddy, his son, and their friends.
Here's his son Tucker.
We caught our limit of silvers (and let a couple go). From left to right are Tucker, Buddy, Derek, and Byron.
On Friday I fished with Cy, Matt, Craig, and Ardiss. We didn't quite get our boat limit but we had our chances to do so. Can you tell what state everyone is from? 
Saturday, I had Derek, Tucker, Byron, and Buddy out on the river once again. The only thing different from our trip on Thursday is we caught a couple of extra fish: a pink, and two red salmon. The competition was hot for these guys, and as judge/guide, I would have to declare a draw when it comes to Team USA vs. Team Canada...

I finished the week on Sunday with a solid effort from Team Minnesota and Team South Carolina. That's Mike and Mary in the front (Team Minnesota), and Robert Allen and Robert in the back (Team South Carolina).

My only prediction for the week ahead is more of the same. I've got great people coming in, and I expect the silver fishing to continue to be great as well.

See you next Sunday.

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Sunday, August 11, 2019

Fishing Report Week Ending 8/11/19

We spent more time this past week out of the boat than in the boat. That's because the red salmon fishing has been that good. We tried to find a few silvers, and we did, but the generous limit and action with red salmon was too hard to resist.
Here's Kris, John, Nate, and Del. We spent the first two hours of our day trying to catch silvers and found only one. We spent the next two hours fishing red salmon and caught twenty three.
It's been awhile since I last saw Orrin. He brought his buddy Tim along and before lunch they had their limit.
Taylor and Kris were in Alaska for their honeymoon, and the last thing they did before flying back to Wisconsin was fish on the Kenai. We targeted silvers first thing in the morning and Taylor found this one.
It was slow going in the boat, so we put on our waders and started flipping for red salmon. The action was steady.
If you read last week's report, you know I haven't been able to fish with Jane as much as I'd like. Well, we had an open afternoon, and I brought her and Kate out. Glad I did.
A great week of fishing ended with the Marlatt family. From left to right are Alyssa, Anders, Mike, Alex, and Meghan. Mike, and his wife Pam, fished with me two years ago during an incredible king salmon run. This year they wanted to try silvers (or reds, or whatever was in the river) and brought their daughters and sons in law with. It was fun, fun, fun...

Thoughts about the week ahead. I really don't know how long this fantastic run of red salmon will continue. I hope it's just long enough for a big ball of silver salmon to find their way into the river. I have some old friends coming in this week and I really don't want to tell them, "you should've been here last week..."

See you next week for a new report.

Sunday, August 4, 2019

Fishing Report Week Ending 8/4/19

I was reminded by Jane that she didn’t get out fishing last year for red salmon. That was enough of a hint for me to find time to right this wrong. How's this for timing? A big school of red salmon moved through the lower river when we were out. It took less than an hour to catch our limit.

Speaking of timing, if you notice, they’re are no photos of king salmon this week. The final day of the season ended with a thud. Thanks Jim, Colin, and Michael for your patience in the boat. We tried hard and fished a lot of water but the mighty king proved to be elusive. To quote Jim, "you can't catch what's not here..."  Sad, but true.
Now on to something completely different.

The Beaver Creek All Stars were out in full force dipnetting for red salmon on July 31st, the final day of the 2019 season. Here’s Mack and Carol doing what they do best: recreating on the Kenai. 
It’s a deep bench for Team Beaver Creek.  I was invited to go dipnetting with these perennial All-Stars. From left to right is El Capitan, Greg, fish wrangler MJ, and the deck foreman, Ron. It was a well oiled machine and in a couple of hours we had all the fish we needed.
Thanks guys, for helping Jane and I put away a few fish for the winter...
With the king season in the rearview, August 2nd was my first day fishing for silver salmon. Team Sedlacek returned after a six year absence and it was good to see them all. Here's Jake with the first silver of the year. 
Silvers were a bit scarce on this day, so we changed things up and decided to get on the bank and target red salmon. Here's Summer, the fish whisperer with a jumbo red salmon. That's her dad, Lowell in the background with her brother Jake, and sister in law Phoenix.

The next day, I fished with Jake and his family. The silver action was a little bit better. Here's Ty with the first one of the day.

His sister, McKenzie, followed up with a nice one as well.

Heidi caught the next one. About fifteen minutes later she caught a second one. She officially is the first, of what I hope is many, people who limit out on silver salmon this year.

I've got a full week ahead of silver trips and I hope each tide brings in more fish. If the silvers prove elusive, we may switch things up a bit and go after reds. Come back next week to see how it all shakes out. See you then!

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Sunday, July 28, 2019

Fishing Report Week Ending 7/28/19

Same old, same old.

King salmon fishing was once again tough this past week. A few were caught, but it was a struggle to find willing biters. The positive takeaway from the week is that the red salmon run is smoking hot. The run is coming in so strong that the limit has been doubled from three to six fish per day. Better get 'em why they're here!

On to the weekly report. That's Harold in the photo above. He's a high school classmate of mine so I think the ol' BHS magic is what got this king salmon to bite. At least that's the story I'm sticking with.
Here's Martin with a hard earned king salmon.
And his son Chris also logged a lot of time to catch this king salmon.
I wish I could have put the youngest of the crew, Jacob (third generation) on a king salmon. Even though that didn't happen this trip, the most memorable day this past week was fishing with him on the river bank for red salmon. Jacob expertly used a fly rod with a circle hook to catch his limit. He was hooking quite a few fish, but then he was struggling to find his last one. After twenty minutes of nothing, I decided to take a look at his gear. There was a sinker, a swivel, a leader, but no hook. That explained his cold spell. I tied on another hook and in a matter of minutes he caught his last fish. Martin, Chris, Jacob, thanks for the sweet corn, the Moose's Loose apple fritter, and the memories of good times in 2019. See you all again in two years!
Here's a pile of reds that the Sorenson, Janz, and Hefner clan caught. If you’re wondering why there’s so many people on the dock, it’s because I helped Boo Kandas with this group. Wish we could have found a few kings, but this was a heck of a Plan B....
It's been quite a few years (17?), but I finally got to fish again with Matt, his wife, sister in law and brother in law. Matt wanted to catch reds, and that is what we did. It took about an hour to limit out.
I finished the week fishing with Randy, Jake, and Leslie. We couldn't find a king this day, but we sure found the red salmon. Hey guys, it was a lot of fun.

For the week ahead I anticipate the king fishing to be the same: tough. I think we'll find some fish, but there will be no easy ones. Oh well, if that's the case, I'll be packing the waders and the red gear...

That's the report. Come back next week to see how the final days of the king season pans out.

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Sunday, July 21, 2019

Fishing Report Week Ending 7/21/19

It was a tough week of king fishing. A lot of hours for not a lot of fish. I think the fish didn’t get the memo that this is the peak time for the run. Sure, we caught a few fish, but the amount of effort given did not produce the results I've become accustom to.

On to the good stuff. How about that mother/son photo? That’s Lance on the left, and Kris on the right. These fish were caught on Thursday. Here's a little backstory. Lance sat for two days in the boat without a bite. On the third day, he decided to go golfing in the morning with his aunt Teresa. He shot an 89 and nearly had a hole in one. He then came out fishing in the afternoon and caught this 40lb king. To quote Lance, "it was a good day."  It got a little bit better when his mother followed up with her second king.
I normally post photos chronologically, but the mother/son photo was too good not to have it on top. The fish above Kris caught on Super Tuesday. I was really hoping that would foreshadow the week ahead, but.....
How's this for luck? John Zemke ended up with the Charlie Brown Award.  "I caught a salmon! I caught a trout! I caught a rock...." Yup, that's right. John was able to hook and land this rock. It was his only bite for the week. Good grief.
The other big catch for the week was towing a disabled boat back to the dock. I figured being a Good Samaritan would produce good fishing karma for the rest of the day. Nope. Not a single bite afterwards.
Here’s the rest of the Zemke/Rosenquist clan. In the front are John and Teresa. In the back are Libby and Dennis. We joked about participation awards after four days of limited action. All I can say is you guys get it, and I can’t thank you enough for your attitude and patience (the camaraderie was great too!). 
I finished the week by fishing Jason, Katie, Dylan, and Tyler. That's Jason with the one and only fish and bite for the day.  You guys should also be commended for your patience. Fishing was tough.
It’s not all gloom and doom because the sun will come out tomorrow. Even though I can not guide for kings on a Sunday, I plan to hit the banks with an old friend to fish for red salmon. From what I’m observing from the boat, the red fishing has been steady. The run is coming in much stronger than last year and that’s a good thing.

See you next week for another up to date Kenai fishing report.

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Saturday, July 13, 2019

Fishing Report Week Ending 7/14/19

We caught king salmon everyday this past week. Some were kept, some were let go, but overall, we really had to put our time to find a fish or two.

So that's John and Linda pictured above. John hit the trifecta of fishing: first fish, biggest fish, and the most fish ever. Glad to be a part of that, John.
The next day I had the pleasure of fishing the Vastila family. Here's Zane with his catch.
His son Talan quickly followed dad with his own king salmon. Notice how much clothing he’s wearing. I’m happy to report our temperatures are back to normal. 
What was interesting about the next two days of fishing is that we caught king salmon on the first trolls of the day. Since we had all day to fish, both Mike and Todd decided to let their fish go (once a king salmon is retained on the Kenai, you have to stop fishing). They said they were here to fish and that's what they wanted to do. The fish above is the one Mike caught.
This is Todd's fish. I wish we could have found more of them, but it is what it is.
I finished the week by fishing the Lawlis family. What a great bunch of guys. Fishing was difficult, but Parker managed to find this fish near quitting time. It’s always great to end my week on such a positive note. 

The week ahead will be a very difficult time for Fish and Game. Our king salmon run is tracking near the bottom of the escapement goal, and a tough decision about further restricting the fishery may be warranted. I'm crossing my fingers that the sonar counts improve.

See you next week for a new fishing report.

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Saturday, July 6, 2019

Fishing Report Week Ending 7/7/19

Baked Alaska.

High temperatures, high water, and high amounts of floating debris did not make for ideal fishing conditions this past week. If the fishing was good, you know I'd start this blogpost off with a fish photo...

I am not good with hot temperatures. The only time I felt worse on the Fourth of July was when I ate two pillowy sticks of cotton candy chased by a large cherry snow cone. An eight year old should not eat that much sugar in a span of 15 minutes.
I’m not the only one having difficulty with the heat.
Moose are coping by hanging out in the shade and taking a swim. Can’t blame them at all.
Enough about the weather and on to the fishing report.

My report can be summed up like this: fishing good, catching bad. A few boats caught some fish, but overall it was very quiet. My day with Richard, Mary Anne, Faith, Abel, and Pauline saw our best opportunities to land a fish. We had two fish on for several minutes, but both fish won the fight and got off. Dang.
Here’s Ray, Lydia, Devin, and Julianne making the best out of the day. Sure, they would have liked to catch a fish, but the river experience still made this a successful day. Thanks guys, for your patience and your high fishing IQ’s.  

An interesting observation about the two photos above. With the temperatures in the 80’s, one group wore long sleeve shirts and pants. The other group wore shorts and were shirtless. Can you guess who’s from El Paso, Texas, and who’s from Alaska?
What a treat. Kevin Aiona, and his wife Janet brought us a cooler full of Wisconsin sweet corn. I’ve fished with Kevin in the past and he remembers our conversation about not always finding good vegetables in Alaska (one big exception are our carrots, simply amazing). Thanks guys, it’s truly appreciated.

On to the forecast. I’m not sure what to think of the week ahead. The king and red salmon run should be building, but a high pressure system is parked over Southcentral Alaska and that means it will continue to be hot (by my standards). All I know is I’ll be giving it a hundred percent and we’ll see if the fish will cooperate.

Come back next week to see how we do, and how much sunscreen I’ll go through...

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