Saturday, June 29, 2019

Fishing Report Week Ending 6/30/19

This is is it. This is the last early run king salmon caught in my boat. I could pretend and say I caught this on Saturday, but it was actually caught earlier in June. I did spend time on the river this past week, but it was for boat maintenance and I did not fish (and by the looks of it, no one else was fishing). That all will change when the second run management of king salmon begins on July 1st. With retention, comes more fisherman, and my next three months will be busy. I do have a few openings here and there, so if you're still looking to get out, check with me or Jane about availability.

If you don’t have new fish photos, you use photos of napping moose. 
The next part of the fishing report will come from others who actually fished. Dan and Mary Meyer went to the Russian River earlier in the week and were very successful. The report now is the run is past peak, but with perseverance and luck, reds can still be had.
Returning guests, Kathy and Jen switched their Kenai River fishing trips to Seward, Homer, and the Kasilof River. Here they are after a day in Seward.
Can anyone say witness protection plan?  That's a nice yellow eye for Kathy.
Here's Jen with one of the many fish she caught while fishing out of Homer.
Kathy and Jen finished their fishing with a trip on the Kasilof River. Here's a nice 18lb hatchery king that Kathy caught. Thanks for sharing your fish photos with me. Next time, I plan on being in them with you...

With the first king salmon run nearly done, the minimum escapement goal has been exceeded (it was not last year). Hopefully, that will foreshadow a decent second run. Comeback next week to see if we start the second run with a bang, or if we ease into it. 

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Sunday, June 23, 2019

Fishing Report Week Ending 6/23/19

I didn't think I'd be fishing for red salmon on the lower river this past week, but when another guide asked if I could help him with a family of seven, I gladly, but reluctantly, agreed. I asked if his clients knew that most of the red salmon were further up the river. He said they did but they still wanted to try the lower river. 
They were a wonderful family who just wanted to be out together and not in a crowd. The bonus would be to catch enough red salmon for a barbecue. Mission accomplished. 
As predicted in my report last week, the Russian River is still going strong. How strong? ADFG has raised the limit once more to an unprecedented NINE RED SALMON! Even though I have a group next week that are scheduled for three days of king salmon fishing, I'm strongly encouraging them to cancel a king trip or two and go to the Russian River.
What else is going on? Other than an hour of king fishing that didn't produce a strike, Jane and I have been staining.
The Steelhead cabin was long overdue for a touch up.
So was the dock.
I had these little fella's keeping me company while working.

I'm looking forward to the week ahead. Not only do I end my three month commitment to grand jury duty, I also have several days of fishing planned. Over and above that, this will be the last week of catch and release fishing for king salmon. Although the emergency order has been tough on local businesses (including us), it looks like ADFG will reach the lower end of their escapement goals. That is good news for the future.

See you next week for a new report.

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Saturday, June 15, 2019

Fishing Report Week Ending 6/16/19

Reds, reds, reds.

We're in the middle of a strong, June run of red salmon. For the next two weeks the red salmon fishing on the Kenai/Russian River should be fantastic.
How strong is the run? Try following this timeline. The Russian River opened to red salmon fishing on June 11th. On June 12th, the Sanctuary (staging area at the confluence of the Kenai/Russian River) was opened early. On June 14th, the limit on red salmon was increased from three to six fish. There's no doubt that ADFG prefers to liberalize a fishery, rather than restrict one.
Speaking of liberalization, we are not the only area experiencing a strong run of red salmon. The Resurrection Bay (Seward) red salmon bag limit was increased from six to twelve fish per day. If you want to fill your freezer for the year, and don't own a dipnet, this is where you'll want to be.
All good things must come to an end, and based on how the action was this past week on the lower Kenai River, I would say the best fishing is now past us. Sure, you can still catch a red salmon or two, but to consistently catch red salmon you'll have to follow the bulk of the run up river. The middle river below Skilak Lake, the upper river, and the Russian River proper are sure bets for action.
Caribou near Bridge Access Road
For the week ahead I plan on staying close to home and will start to target king salmon once again. Better water conditions, and steady king sonar counts should make for decent fishing. At least that's my story right now...

Before I say “see you next week” I want to wish all the fathers a Happy Father’s Day.  See you next week.  

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Sunday, June 9, 2019

A blog about a blog (and fishing report).

When my sister visited last week she brought an early birthday gift for me. Best present, best sister, ever! It was a hard bound book of the last two years of the Beaver Creek Cabins & Guide Service blog. About ten years ago, fellow blogger and friend Dave Anderson, did this for his father and I always thought this was a great way to preserve stories and memories for family. Thanks Heidi, I’m excited to know that Mac will have this book one day.  
What I liked as much as the book itself was the personal note on the first page. It’s hard for a Norwegian to say it out loud, nonetheless type it, but I love you too little sis. 
On to the weekly fishing report. 

In the beginning of the week I was waylaid with cabin projects and jury duty. By the time I decided to go king fishing, the river muddied up.  Not ideal conditions, so I passed.  My neighbors, however, have been spending a lot of time out on the saltwater fishing. They've been doing well. Here are Mack and Carol getting ready to clean a king salmon they caught in Seward.
And here are the remaining three fish to be fillet.
red salmon caught with a circle hook
Although I didn't fish for king salmon the past week, Saturday afternoon Dan Meyer and I (later joined by Boo Kandas) decided to see if we could catch a few red salmon. The reports in the lower river have been good and that is what we found as well. Two legally hooked fish, one fouled hooked fish, and two that were lost. Not a bad way at all to spend an afternoon.
Boo with dinner
My guess is that the river will continue to be muddy for a few more days. My plan is to continue to fish for red salmon until conditions improve. Make sure to come back next week to see what we're catching. See you then. 

Sunday, June 2, 2019

Fishing Report Week Ending 6/2/19

I didn't plan on giving a fishing report this week because my sister, Heidi, and my cousin Robin were visiting and the plan was to show them the sights of Southcentral Alaska. That changed when I received a call from Greg and Leslie asking if I could take them out Saturday morning. How was the fishing? Not bad at all. Greg caught one nice king salmon, which was released per May/June regulation change. Leslie, though, was not as fortunate. At least she'll get the opportunity to even the score in July.
The Kenai River experience has been marvelous so far. Decent fishing, and so few people on the water. Twice I was on the river this past week. Once for a tour with family, and the other, a fishing trip. On the tour I saw zero boats. Fishing a six mile stretch on a Saturday in June, I saw 4 boats. That's right, 4 boats on the world famous Kenai River. Sure, being on a catch and release restriction (until 6/30) has obviously affected people who fish for food. But, for people who fish to recreate and decompress from the world, you couldn't ask for a better time.
Speaking of better times, the best time for me is to spend time with family. Here's my sister Heidi, cousin Robin, Jane, and I in Seward.  Aunt Dotty and cousin Rhonda were going to come too, but unfortunately, health reasons kept the two of them from joining us. On the next go round they both plan on being here.

Here we are at Exit Glacier near Seward.

And here we are on the Kenai River. Heidi has been on the river many times, but I had to show Robin where my office is and where Uncle Bert liked to fish. My dad, her Uncle Bert, is no longer with us so it was nice to have a memorial where he caught his first king salmon 34 years ago. 
On Wednesday, Heidi, Robin, and Jane spent the day in Homer. I would have joined them, but I've been on a grand jury since April and this is the day of my civic duty. You're welcome Kenai Peninsula borough...

Heidi and Robin's original Alaska plan had them spending their last two days in Talkeetna to see Mac. With a little bit of cajoling, they were able to get Jane to go with them. Here are Mac, Madison, Robin, Jane, Heidi, and Kiana having a leisurely dinner.

It was quite a week. Lots of stories, lots of laughing, lots of epic scenery, and a lots of great meals. I'm sad to see them go, but am buoyed by one topic discussed: a possible family reunion hosted at Beaver Creek Cabins. I hope it can come together. Family, friends, and fishing. Life is pretty good.

See you next week.

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