Sunday, August 25, 2013

Fishing Report Week Ending 8/26/13

More of the same.   Fishing was very good this past week.  It wasn't quite as fast as the week before but everyone managed to catch their limit.  If there was a downside it was the fact that I had 3 cancellations during a time of good fishing.   Oh well, their loss was mine and Jane's gain and we definitely took advantage of it.

The photo above is Doug and Linda Applegren.   The last time we fished together was for kings back in '06.   After a morning of constant action, I think they prefer silver fishing to the patience required to fish for kings.   Don't get me wrong, they liked king fishing but there is something special about the Kenai in August/September.
Ground Hog's Day.   Different day, same results.   I look forward to seeing you guys in the near future.
 Jane with her limit of silver salmon.
.....and another limit headed for our freezer.

I have a quiet week of guiding ahead but plan on spending everyday on the water.   I do anticipate the fishing to slow down because we are past the historical first run peak.   That being said, even though it's past peak I see no reason why we won't be able to catch our limit, and if we don't, you know we're going to have fun out there.   That, I'll promise you.

See you next week.

Sunday, August 18, 2013

Fishing Report Week Ending 8/19/13

Limits, limits, and even more limits of silver salmon this past week.   What a great run of days on the water with people that were fun to be around.    Someone always has to be the first photo of the post and there's no reason why I shouldn't start out with some old friends of mine from Minnesota, Orv and Deb Lundbohm.   It was so great to see them again and to get caught up on each other's life's.  No doubt, our time was definitely too short.
I hate to do it but I have to give Orv his own space.   Actually, the reason I'm doing this is I like the photo.   It's good to see Orv hold something other than a hockey stick or a walleye.
Same with Deb, I have to give her her own space.   This is because she caught the largest 2 silvers of the day.  All I can say, is all this girl does is catch big fish......
Here's Martin and Chris Chesney who shared the boat with Orv and Deb on Saturday.  It was great to meet you guys.
This is Team Sedlacek consisting of Lowell, Tom, Jake, Summer and Larry.  Here's the result of Day One.
 Here's Day Two.
Here's Day Three.   Definitely a nice string of mornings for these guys.
Here's a great photo of Summer showing off one of her multiple silver salmon.
 Here's Esko Bill with an afternoon limit of silver salmon.
And finally, on Tuesday afternoon I had the honor of fishing Senator Lisa Murkowski's Junior Classic.   This is the seventh year of treating the sons and daughters of our enlisted military heroes, along with area Girl Scouts and Boy Scouts, to a fishing trip on the Kenai River.    I think this photo explains why I participate in this event.   Makayla, Matthew, Aaron, and Charles.....thanks for letting me part of your excitement.

So, the way I see the upcoming week is it should be more of the same.  We are at the peak of the first run of silvers and I see no reason why the fishing should taper off.  It's shaping up to be a very good silver season.

See you next week.

Monday, August 12, 2013

Fishing Report Week Ending 8/12/13

Despite rising water and a flood advisory in effect, the fishing was good this past week.  It was never a hot bite but patience was the key to our success.  Not everyone caught their limit but quite a few did.  Do you think Team Laflamme had a good day on the water?  I know I did.
 Ken and Heidi with their limit of silver salmon.
Korey, Kent, and Bo one short of their boat limit.   We sure had our chances to finish early but a couple of silvers escaped the net at the boat.  "Next time" as Kent said.

Bob "Dean-O" Laflamme with the first fish of the day.  This fish made it through a gill net but it didn't make it past Dean-O.  Do you think his wife, Janet, is happy for him?
Shortly after Dean-O boated his fish Janet came through with her own.  I'm not going to get in between the two about who had the biggest one but I know who takes a better picture....

Alec Laflamme came down Sunday with his friend Michael to fish with his grandma, grandpa, and dad.   Pretty successful morning.   Dean-O got the ball rolling again with a silver before we could get all the lines in the water but the BIG explanation point of the morning was Michael's 15lb silver.  This fish has now become the largest August silver landed in my boat.  I don't know, it must be something about silver fishing on Sunday that means big fish (see last weeks post).  Hope you're ready Orv....
 Here's another picture of Michael's fish.   A very impressive girth (that's a K15 lure). 
As I mentioned earlier, all week long the river has been rising and when that happens a lot of debris floats downstream.   We had a couple of close calls with huge trees but luckily we were able to detach from the anchor line and get out of the way.   A couple of times I started to question how safe it was to be out fishing.    The good news is the flooding is suppose to crest tomorrow so hopefully no more debris will be coming down.

With the water levels dropping, the use of bait on 8/16 and a full schedule on the water, I'm looking forward to a great week of fishing.  See you next week.


Monday, August 5, 2013

Fishing Report Week Ending 8/5/13

The silvers are in!    And, that means two things.  Thanks Deuce One and Deuce Two for the new catchphrase of 2013.    I was honestly surprised that the silver fishing would be this good so early in August.   We didn't limit out everyday but we boated silvers each trip.

This was a great week for me.   Billie and Gwen Reed fished with me two years ago and this year they brought their sons Daniel and Dennis, along with grandsons Spencer and Harrison up to fish the Kenai.  It was a week of stories being told; stories being made everyday on the water.   One of the many highlights occurred when Spencer was reeling in a silver and before I could get the net ready the fish jumped into the boat and hit his Uncle Dan on the back.   I'm sure there will be payback on another day. 

Here's Dennis, Harrison, and Billie showing off their catch.

Spencer "Deuce Two" and Harrison "Deuce One" with some nice silvers.

 Billie with his fish....

 .....and Gwen with her fish.

Dennis showing off a first light, first bite, Kenai silver.
 Daniel with a red salmon caught off the bank.

The other great pleasure I had this past week was fishing Dan and Audria Bloch and their family.  Like Billie and Gwen, Dan and Audria had been to the Kenai before and this time they wanted to share it with Dan's parents Bob and Ruth and children, Michael and Breanna.    

Not quite a boat limit on day one but lots of fun on the water.

Here's Ruth showing off a 14lb Kenai silver.  I think this fish was confused and did not know what month it was and came in early.  This is by far the largest silver caught in my boat during the first week of August.   Silvers like pink, right Ruth?  

With July in the rear view mirror it was great to begin August with families and fish in the river.   I'm not confident enough to predict what the week ahead will hold but I do know we will experience August weather.....rain is in the forecast everyday.   Believe it or not I am happy for the rain because it's been too sunny and too warm for most of June and July.   Guides on the Kenai are not meant to wear flip flops (Tootoo runs a 4.2 40 in flip flops...thanks Harrison for the second catchphrase of 2013) but we're meant to wear Xtratuff boots all day long.

Until next week, tight lines everybody.