Monday, August 27, 2012

Fishing Report Week Ending 8/27/12

The pink salmon run is waning and catching silver salmon this past week has been difficult.   We've caught silvers every day but limits have been hard to come by.  The way it's been, if you get lucky and get the right spot you do have a chance at filling the boat out.  Normally, there have been many spots that fish well but that hasn't been the case during most of August.   Steve Morris, pictured above, had the right seat and got his limit.
Brian Long says it's all about quality and not quantity when it comes to Kenai silvers.
Greg had a nice morning and caught a couple of silvers.
What a way to end this post with this photo of Kate Lehtola holding a beautiful Kenai silver that she caught with her father.  Way to go Kate!

See you next week.

Monday, August 20, 2012

Fishing Report Week Ending 8/20/12

A very busy week of catching on the Kenai.  There are huge numbers of pink salmon in the river which has made it a challenge to find silvers.  If we put our time in and sort through 20-30 pinks per angler, we've been able to put a few silvers in the box.  Here's Randy with the largest silver caught to date in my boat.  I'd estimate its weight to be between 11-12 pounds.

Here's the results of the another day of guiding Jacob, Randy, Adam, and Scott.   These guys sure ended my week on a positive note.  I hope to see them all again in two years.

Tuesday afternoon I had an opportunity to fish in Senator Lisa Murkowski's Junior Classic tournament.   The participants this year were the children of the enlisted men and women from Joint Base Elmendorf and Richardson (JBER).  It's a great event and it's quite an honor to introduce fishing to the children of the parents that are serving our country so well.   You'll have to admit, their smiles say it all.  Thank you Senator Murkowski for sponsoring this yearly event.

Sunday was the beginning of week two of the Blinn crew.   It wasn't easy getting these silvers but it was a heck of a lot of fun getting there.  It's been four years since Clint, Kyle, and Brian, were in Alaska.  This time they decided to bring Jerod along.  He's the guy in the center with the biggest smile.   I'm looking forward to the week ahead because these guys are in my boat a couple of more times.

"I'm humpy and I know it!" 

Had to end this post with a photo of Gary with what he affectionately calls a "Wilbur".

Until next week, tight lines!

Monday, August 13, 2012

Fishing Report Week Ending 8/13/12

The good news this past week is there are plenty of pink salmon in the river.  The better news is that the silver salmon are starting to show but not on a consistent basis...yet.   Pictured above are Brian and Amy.   Over the years I have had a real jinx when it  comes to fishing newlyweds.  For some reason or another they seem to go fishless in my boat.  Jane decided not to tell me that these two were on their honeymoon.  I guess Jane knows best.  Both Brian and Amy both caught a ton of pink salmon and their limit of silver salmon.   

I'm posting this photo strictly for Mack Padgett.  Brian happened to be wearing this t-shirt and his bride, if you look closely in the top photo, has a PBR stocking cap.   Maybe that's why they broke through the honeymoon jinx.  Go Team Pabst!

The photo above is the first trip of three weeks of fishing the Gary Blinn groups.  It was great pleasure to start out with a duel father/son combo.   Pictured above are two kids I'd love to have in my boat every day, Jacob and Adam.

Here's the whole group.  From left to right are Jacob, Randy, Scott, and Adam.   Randy has been coming for 14 years and all of the others are new to Alaska.   It's great when new people are added to the Blinn group but we do miss some of the old guard that aren't making it this year.  Yeah, I'm taking about you Orville, Allen, Oscar, Chris, Teddy, and Howard.

Finally, a photo of the Grand Poobah himself.  Here's Gary Blinn livin' large on the Kenai.

See you next week with plenty of more photos.

Monday, August 6, 2012

Fishing Report Week Ending 8/6/12

It was a quiet week for me on the river.  This past week I had a dipnet trip that went well but the highlight was being able to guide the Graham family from Palmer, Alaska.   Dan Graham is a college buddy of mine and when he came down to fish king salmon in May he said his girls were born in Alaska and he was embarrassed to say they have yet to catch a salmon.   He said they've tried but just hadn't any luck.  I told him to come down in August because it was a pink year and it wouldn't be a problem finding a fish or two.   Pictured above is Katie and Erika proudly holding two of the many fish they caught on Saturday.  
Here's Erika catching her last fish of the day.  A beautiful 9 pound red salmon.  Do you think she had fun?
This photo was taken on Sunday morning before the Graham's left for home.  If you notice, Dan and Katie are the only ones fishing off the dock.  Erika said she didn't want to cast because her arms still hurt from all the fish she caught the day before.   Mission accomplished!

Unfortuately I didn't have a photo of the entire Graham family.  Sorry Kim for not having you in the photos.   There's no doubt you and Dan are raising two wonderful girls and you should be proud of that.
The final photo is Debbie Dreyer fishing off of the Beaver Creek dock today.  I wanted to include several dock photos because I know the guests coming up the rest of the month look forward to walking out of the cabin door and being able to cast for salmon.  So far the pink fishing has been good with one silver being netted.  The good news is it should only get better everyday for the next couple of weeks.

Tight lines!