Sunday, September 23, 2018

Fishing Report Week Ending 9/23/18

High water, due to a glacier dam burst at Skilak Lake, coupled with low fish numbers made for long days on the river. Sure, we found fish (except for a brief afternoon trip), but it was often hours between bites.

I started the week fishing Vernon, Remington, and Rick. Their real purpose for coming to Alaska was to do a remote black bear hunt. Lucky for me, just like three years ago, they were able to work in a fishing trip. Hey guys, it was great to talk about fishing, hunting, and all things Texas.

That trip was followed by a fun day on the water with Mary and Nancy. Jane, and neighbor Mary, were also on board too, but ducked out during this photo.

I ended the week fishing with Susan and Jim. We tried and tried to get the last fish to bite for Susan, but unfortunately we couldn't get it done. Oh well, even though you were short a fish you'll still have a nice pile of fillets to take back with you to Hawaii.

Of course, I couldn't post a fall fishing report without a photo of Jane. Her goal on this day was to catch enough fish for the canner. As you can see, she easily reached it.

Next week I have a handful of trips and sadly that will be it for the year. I know the water levels will be dropping, but I'm hoping the salmon numbers will start increasing. Come back next week to see if they did.

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Sunday, September 16, 2018

Fishing Report Week Ending 9/16/18

It really didn't feel like the second run hit it's peak last week. We caught fish everyday, but it took quite a bit of effort. It seemed like everyone was happy with their time on the water, but I truly expected a more sustained bite throughout the day. I guess the fish didn't get the memo that it's their time to come back to where they were born. Anyway, thanks everyone who fished with me. I really enjoyed the fishing and conversations.
On Tuesday Joe, Rollo, and Mike caught these silver salmon. 

On Wednesday Rollo and Mike caught these.
On Thursday, Mike, Rollo, Brittany, and Nick brought these nice silvers to the dock.
On Friday, it was Walter, Susan, Nick, and Brittany with this catch.
Saturday saw the most action of the week. That's Paul, Gayle, Nick and Brittany posing with their haul.
And on Sunday James, Katrina, Chase, and Gary each brought a fish to the boat. That was their goal and I was happy to help them reach it.
Thought I'd finish this post with a photo of our fall colors. We just finished perhaps two weeks of the finest September weather ever in Southcentral Alaska. Highs near 70 and barely a cloud in the sky. However, it all changed today and we're back to a normal rainy weather pattern. Maybe the rain will help bring in the silvers. Maybe not. Come back next week to find out if it did.

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Sunday, September 9, 2018

Fishing Report Week Ending 9/9/18

Two words describe the fishing action this past week; steady, and quality. We caught multiple fish every day, but never had fast fishing. It was just steady. And, what we caught was large, very large. I've really been impressed with the overall size of the silver salmon run this year.

I started my week off fishing with Leslie and Greg. It was a pleasure to be in the boat with you two. Their love of the outdoors coupled with their positive attitudes sure made my day easy. They asked a lot of questions about king salmon fishing in May. I hope to see you guys then. 
The next day, I fished with Bob, Suzanne, Cathy, and Jerry (one third of the famous French brothers). The 37 degree morning was a bit chilly for the Tennessian's, but by mid morning the cold was quickly replaced with sunshine and warmth. Although we didn't "knock it out of the park", these fish certainly filled up a fish box for them. If you come again in September, remember to wear twice as much clothing as you think you should.....there's no such thing as bad weather, just bad clothing!
I had an afternoon trip the next day and the weather couldn't have been better for September. That's Dan and Rod standing behind their limit of silvers. Who said silvers won't bite on a bluebird day?
Since it worked so well the day before, I decided to stick to the afternoon schedule. Although not as successful as the day before, the results were not bad. That's Rod, Joe, and Tom.
Tom, who is my brother-in-law, deserves a separate photo of his fish. This 18lb silver salmon is perhaps the largest silver ever caught in my boat. Good on ya, Tom, now you have family bragging rights (although Heidi can still say she's caught the most). 
Our third straight day of fishing in the afternoon was our least productive. Oh, we had our chances, but only three of them found their way to the net. That's Dan, Rod, and Joe posing with their catch.
I ended the week by getting out in the morning once again. The first hour or two saw the most action. That's Gary and Nicky kneeling in the front, and Chris and Amanda standing in the back. Definitely a quality day, and by quality I mean both people and fish.
Here's another reason why I like to fish for silver salmon in September. It's the time of year that things are starting to slow down a bit at the cabins, and I get to spend time on the water with Jane. She doesn't want to admit it, but she's pretty good and catching fish.

The week ahead is when the fish biologist say the peak of the second run should occur. Come back next week to see what Mother Nature has to say about their forecasts/predictions.

See you then.

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Friday, August 31, 2018

Fishing Report: End of August

It's always sad for me to say good bye to August on an even year. It means two things to me, 1) the pink salmon run is over on the lower Kenai River, and 2) Gary Blinn and his entourage will be leaving and won't be back for two years. 
How did the past week go? The fishing is starting to slow down, but it's still been very good. We started the week fishing a typical, wet August morning. From left to right is Vic, Jim, Steve, Jared, Joey, Donald, and John. Nobody seemed to mind the weather when the action was steady.
Better weather and eager fish greeted us the next day. That's John, Gary, Steve, and Donald.
We finished the month off with one of the windest days I can remember on the Kenai. These guys were suppose to be fishing on the ocean, but their trip was cancelled (imagine that). I happened to be open and this was their Plan B for the day. Not a bad way to end August. That's Steve "Money" Morris on the left, Gary, Jeremy, and Jared. I gave Steve the nickname "Money" because he limited out every single time he was on the Kenai River. Money, simply Money...
I'm going to finish this report by personally thanking Gary Blinn for everything he does for Beaver Creek Cabins and Guide Service. From organizing everything (I mean everything) for his group for three weeks, to the wonderful people he's introduced Jane and I to, we are very lucky and fortunate to call him our friend. 2020 can't come soon enough.....

Happy Labor Day weekend everybody!  See you next week for the first report of September silver fishing on the Kenai River.

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Sunday, August 26, 2018

Fishing Report Week Ending 8/26/18

I know they say there's gold at the end of a rainbow, but I really think it's silver. Wow! It was another great week to be on the Kenai River.
Jane and I started the week off fishing with our friends from Brainerd, MN, Chuck and Julie. Two ladies in the boat and a healthy run of salmon were the recipe for a quick limit of silvers.
The next day it was Dave, Chuck, and Mark finding fish as well.
If you've followed my fishing blog since I started it, you'll recognize these guys. From left to right is Jo Ray, Steve, and Gary. The morning started out real slow. After being fishless for the first three hours, I told these guys they need to go to Louie's restaurant to have a hot breakfast. That was the break we needed. When we came back out in the afternoon, we found these fish willing to bite. 
The next day couldn't have been a better weather day for August. In front is Steve and Terry. Standing behind is "Grand Slam" Chuck and Trip. Chuck, who is a Beaver Creek regular, earned the nickname "Grand Slam" because he caught all four species of salmon in the Kenai on the same day. That, is a rare feat. Very rare.
We were back to normal, wet August weather and fishing the next day. That's Jo Ray (expressive Texas hands), Trip, Terry, and Chuck.
I finished up the week fishing with the Beaver Creek Cabins All Stars. That's Steve, Will, Gary, and Jo Ray "The Closer".  I've spent a lot of time with these guys, on and off the water, and it never gets old (I'd throw Grand Slam Chuck into the All Star mix, but unfortunately, I only fish four people at a time). 
Fish Whisperer Will
Hard to say what the week ahead will bring. The leaves are changing, fireweed are dropping their petals, it's getting darker, and the water levels are starting to drop. These are all signs that we could be transitioning from the first run of silver salmon into the second run of silver salmon (transitioning is a code word for the bite slowing down). Will it be this week? Come back seven days from now to find out if the fish are still cooperating.

See you then.

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Sunday, August 19, 2018

Fishing Report Week Ending 8/19/18

Other than fighting a monster head cold the past few days, it was another great week to be on the Kenai. It started on my day off when Gary, and his son Justin, happened to be at the cabins with nothing on their schedule. Mid morning we jumped in the boat and it didn't take Gary long to shake off the rust from the last time he was here.
And it didn't take Justin long to find his groove as well. Nice fish, and nice beard!
The next day I had Team Texas in the boat. From left to right is Steve, Cindy, Chuck, and Terry. Do you think they had any fun?
Here's Team Patton, Rick, Ryan, Philip, and Steve, with their morning catch. It's always fun to be on the water with repeat customers. I look forward to the next time we do it again.
Gary's brother John made a long overdue return trip to Alaska. Catching fish on the Kenai is a little like riding a bike...
It was nice to meet John's daughter, Kelsey. She was all smiles all week: on the water, off the water, it didn't matter. As the old saying goes, "attitude is everything" and she definitely has the right one. 
Here's John, from the same town I grew up in in Minnesota. We never met until this trip, but we quickly found out we have many mutual friends.  Heck, turns out I bought two boats from his cousin, and I use to buy my bait and tackle from his uncle. Small world.
John brought his 8 year old son, Aidan, on the trip. The kid is a natural fisherman but that doesn't surprise me in the least. He comes from a family with a rich tradition of fishing and hunting. Father/son moments like this always tug at my heart strings. Good on ya, dad!
Team TX spent a second day on the river with me. Just in case you can't count the fish, you can count their fingers. Either it's hook 'em horns, or they got to tell you how many fish they caught....gotta love the Texans and their expressive hands.
I finished the week fishing with my neighbor Nancy, and her sister Laurie, who is visiting from Colorado. The morning started out hot, but that elusive last fish of the trip didn't cooperate until after lunch. However, the wait was definitely worth it. Nancy took home the big fish honors for the day.
Here's Nancy and Laurie posing with their silver limit.

My forecast for the week ahead is that we should see less pink salmon action, but the same amount of silver salmon action. I base this prediction on the last couple of days the amount of pink salmon in the lower 10 miles of the river has definitely tapered off. If my clients want to pursue pinks, they're still around, but the quality is deteriorating every day. Such is the life of a pacific salmon.

See you next week with a fresh and new report.

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Sunday, August 12, 2018

Fishing Report Week Ending 8/12/18

Lot's of fish in the river, and lot's of good people in my boat. What more could a fishing guide ask for?
I started the week fishing Team Minnesota. From left to right is Toby, Maggie, Shala, and Terry. Not only did they slay the fish in the boat, they also caught a ton of fish off the dock as well. It's always a positive when you can get out of bed in the morning and walk down to the dock and catch a salmon. Hey guys, I know this was your first trip to Alaska, but I really don't think it will be your last. Jane and I look forward to seeing you all again some time soon.
The next day I had a boat full of women, and they sure do like to fish (they fished two other days with Jeff King). Marjorie was all smiles with the first silver of the morning.
Barbara had to kiss her first silver salmon.
Carol and Kathy with back to back silvers.
Here's Team California showing off their haul.
It's not often I post multiple photos of the same people, but I really like the expressions on these two. Here's Chuck with his first silver.
His wife Pam was not be outdone.
Here's another one...
And another one....
What was fun fishing with Chuck and Pam, in addition to the conversations, is that we were able to catch fish using several different techniques. We caught them on Kwikfish, spinner baits, and on a bobber with salmon eggs. This is one of the many reasons why I like silver/pink fishing: there's not one method that will catch fish. Being able to try different things each day keeps it interesting for me.

My fishing forecast for the week ahead will be more of the same. This is the front of the peak of the first run of silvers/pinks, and unless all the fish came in early, we should all have sore backs and arms by the next report...I'll see you next week.

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