Sunday, September 17, 2017

Fishing Report Week Ending 9/17/17

It was another steady week of silver salmon fishing on the Kenai River. Here's Michelle with a hefty silver.

Here she is with her husband, Ken, and brother-in-law Rich.
Ken and Rich trying to see who could hold their fish the farthest out. I think Ken won.
And this was the last evening of fishing with the Kovitch's. Too bad Rich decided to stay back in the cabin on this trip. It was a nice little bite going on out there. Hey guys, I look forward to the next time you're back in the Great Land.
Brian, Jeff, and Marshall

Team A.

Sid, Dustin, Learn, and Zack
Team B.

Jared, Clark, James, and Clay

Team C.

Don't know if you caught on to what I just did, but this was my annual fishing trip with the boys of Team ABC Seamless of Anchorage. Thanks Jeff and Brian for bringing the crew down. In addition, I'd like to thank Jeff and Mike for helping me guide these guys to a bunch of silvers. It was a fun couple of days for all.

Can this incredible run of silver salmon continue? I think it can. The only way to know for sure is to come back next week to see if it did. See you then.

Sunday, September 10, 2017

Fishing Report Week Ending 9/10/17

The string of daily silver salmon limits ended this past week. I believe it was due to a combination of rising, muddy water, and being in between the mid August and mid September peaks of the salmon run. Oh, it wasn't bad fishing, it was just a lot slower than the previous week.

On Labor Day Monday I had the pleasure of guiding my neighbor Dan, and his friend Rod, who was visiting from Illinois. We had no problem finding a two person limit on this morning, but by the end of the trip the water started to change for the worse. I'm not so sure we would have been able to find enough fish for a full boat of anglers.
On Wednesday, it was good to be back on the water with Jason, Bill, and their friends Brian, and Bob. It was a great morning for getting caught up, but with rising water the fishing was awful. By 10:30am I made the call to end the trip until the afternoon tide came in. For the first couple of hours of our second trip of the day, we didn't have a bite. I was starting to think this would be the first shut out of the silver season. It was desperate times and when Jason requested the lure that he last used in 2010, our luck changed. His first fish was about 10lbs. Not long after, he hooked into this beautiful 16lber
Then it was Brian's turn to catch the twin to Jason's fish.
Bill followed with this nice 14lber.
Bob ended up catching the last one for the day. So, what started out as a day with nothing in the box, ended up with everyone catching at least one salmon.
Day two was a reward for these guys putting in a long, wet day the day before. As you can see, we had our dozen and we were back at the dock by noon.
Day three was a lot like day one, except for less rain. We definitely had to put our time in to find a few willing biters. Jason, Bill, Brian, and Bob, I really appreciate the time we spent on the water. Great conversation, some moments of great fishing (and not so great weather), made for an enjoyable time for me. Hope it's not another seven years until you guys come back...
I didn't have a scheduled trip on Friday, but with the water still being off, I was more than okay with that. I did speak to my neighbor Dan and asked him when Rod was flying back home. He said he was leaving on Saturday. Well, I told him I needed to work on my fishing gear and there's no better way of doing that then sitting on anchor with a couple of kwikfish swimming behind the boat. Did they want to come along? You betcha. In relatively poor fishing conditions this beautiful 12lb silver found Rod's lure. It was nice to send Rod home with another memory of the Kenai.

The water quality improved by Saturday morning and the  river was back on track. Well, at least I thought it was. By 8:30am we had four fish in the box. We fished another seven hours to get three more to bite. Walt, Jeff, and Daniel are all veteran Kenai River fisherman. They know how special this river can be and it was great to swap stories about epic, and not so epic, days on the water. Whether you're in my boat, or your own, I know I'll see you guys again. Thanks for the day.

What do I think the week ahead will look like? I think we'll be able to find fish, but I'm not sure how many. I do know the second run peak is coming soon and it's just a matter of time until it's here. 

Come back next week to see how we're doing.

p.s. My thoughts and prayers go out to my Texas and Florida friends. It's a very difficult time for you all.

Sunday, September 3, 2017

Fishing Report Week Ending 9/3/17

It was a quiet week of guiding, but it was another great week of fishing. Well, that's mostly true except for a couple of days that the river became muddy. When the river starts to look like coffee with creamer, the bite usually shuts down. I was very fortunate not to have any trips scheduled on those days.

My week began when my friend Matt brought his visiting family down for a fishing trip. Since they arrived at the cabins early in the afternoon, I told Matt we should go out and whet their appetites before our scheduled trip the next day. Here's Sally, Cole, Travis, and John after a few hours of fishing. Not a bad introduction to the Kenai River and silver salmon fishing.
The next day we went out and had a great morning of fishing. The highlight of the trip was two double doubles. What this means is we caught two silvers at the same time twice. That's Matt in the middle of this photo. I'm sure glad he was on board to help me with the chaos.
The next day I didn't have a trip so it was time to take Jane and Dan out.
And the next day we did it all over again.
Jane couldn't make it the third day so it was just Dan and me. Another day, same results.
I finished the week fishing Team Alpha Roofing & Construction from Wasilla, Alaska. If you notice in the photo, the limit for silver salmon has increased from two to three fish. This regulation went into effect September 1st. Thanks, Tyler, Travis, Crystal, and Justin for a fun morning. And, thanks Bryce for once again sending your employees down for a night in the cabins and a day on the water.

My little respite from guiding ended today and for the next six days I will be fishing. I have a lot of repeat customers, so I'm definitely hoping that the excellent fishing will continue. Come back next week to see if it has. Later!

Sunday, August 27, 2017

Fishing Report Week Ending 8/27/17

It was another fabulous week of silver salmon fishing on the Kenai River. I was worried that the bite would slow down (it always does before the second run shows up in September), but it just stayed hot. The photo above is Gavin, Marc, Brad and Frank on their second trip fishing the Kenai.
And here they are on the their third trip. Frank has been fishing in Southeast Alaska and he liked that rain wasn't as bad here as it is in that part of Alaska. It's all relative I guess.
On a really wet afternoon I had the pleasure of taking out part of Dan Meyer's family. Here's grandson JD showing off the first fish of the trip.
His older brother Travis wouldn't let JD out fish him.

It was raining hard, close to dinner time, and Dad Blake ended our trip with this nice fish. It was a good time to call it. Pictured above are JD, Travis, Elizabeth, Blake, and Photobomb Dan. Next time Elizabeth, we will fish a little longer so you can catch a Kenai silver.

The next morning, I got to spend time on the water with my good friends Bob, Ray, Renee, and Todd. It was no surprise that it was raining, but hot fishing more than made up for it.
It was the same on Day 2 with these guys....rain and plenty of fish.
Could it happen three days in a row? Well, it did for everybody but Bob. In the first few hours of the day, Todd and Renee got their limit. Bob caught one and Ray was shut out. We headed back to the dock to clean the fish and to get Bob to the airport for his flight back home to Florida.
I took Ray out fishing later in the day and in less than a half hour later he was done. Hated to do it (well, not that much) but we sent Bob photos while he was waiting at the airport. He said he wasn't disappointed in the least and it was okay that he had to end his fishing trip early. Todd, Ray,  Renee, and Bob, thanks so much for coming at this time of year. Getting caught up and telling stories from yesteryear is the shot in the arm that I needed to get me through to the end of this season.

I ended my week fishing Brian and Rachel. These guys fished with me in early July, and unfortunately did not catch a king. Since they live about fifteen miles away from Kenai, I told them they needed to come back in August when the silvers were in. They came back and the silvers cooperated. I like it when a plan comes together....

For the week ahead I plan on getting some rest and to take care of a few maintenance issues. I will be fishing everyday, but not guiding everyday. Come back next week to see if the strong run of silvers will continue.

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Saturday, August 19, 2017

Fishing Report Week Ending 8/20/17

Giddy up. Hi Ho Silver! 

No doubt, the peak of the first silver salmon run is happening right now . It's been so good that I actually had the time to get Jane out fishing for the first time this year. How's that for a first fish?
I started the week out with Team Iowa. Vaughn and Karen found this nice limit of fish on an incoming tide.
Team Minnesota (or 3/4's Brainonian) had a nice morning on the Kenai. That's Ken, Heidi, Gina, and Daryl. These guys were finishing up their Alaskan vacation by staying and fishing with us. I was a little worried about how the day would go because the last time they were here Gina only caught a dolly varden trout. I was relieved when she finally reeled a salmon into the net. Hey guys, it was great visiting with you. We look forward to seeing you again real soon.
The next morning, Ken and Daryl joined Montana Dave. I can honestly say I've never heard such an in depth conversation in my boat about cattle and ranching. It sure made for an interesting day.
I snuck Jane out on another afternoon of fishing. Took her about 20 minutes to get her limit.

I finished the week off fishing Frank, Brad, Marc, and Gavin. We had seven in the box in short order, but it took an hour and a half to get the last one to bite. When you get down to one rod fishing, it always takes a little bit longer to find the right seam where the fish are. That's part of the fun, and part of the challenge, of a silver salmon trip.

So, what about the week ahead? I expect the river to be about the same. I hope I'm right. Not only do I have a couple of more trips with the guys above, I also have some friends showing up and it would be nice to get them on a good bite.

See you next week.

Sunday, August 13, 2017

Fishing Report Week Ending 8/13/17

There are many things I like about fishing silver salmon on the Kenai River. Number one on that list is the fact that I fish more families than any other time of the year. That's exactly what I had every day this past week.....families.

So, how was the fishing?  Up until yesterday, the fishing was a lot like the previous week. We were squeaking out two or three silvers a trip. That all changed when the Lehtola family showed up on Saturday.  Pictured above are John, Janelle, Claire, Kate, and James. We had moments of fast fishing, but otherwise it was a steady bite that kept us interested throughout the day. I sure hope that's a sign for the week ahead.
We started the week with Dave keeping the consecutive daily silver streak alive.
His daughter Amy showed everyone else how it's done and actually got her limit.
Mary Horn shows off her limit of silvers.
While grandson CJ and her husband Fred show off their fish.
It was a wet morning, but brothers Robert "Honey", and Clifton "Luvie" had no problems catching fish in the rain.
The next time we were out it was drier, but the results were the same. Posing with Honey and Luvie are their parents, Robert, and Daniella.

I'm going to end this post with a few kid photos from the week. I'll have to say our future looks great!

See you next week!