Sunday, October 6, 2019

Halibut Time

It's becoming a tradition. The late night phone call from Boo Kandas asking if we want to fish and help him take his boat out of the Homer harbor for the season. With a perfect weather forecast, Jane and I were quick to lend a hand.
It was a pleasant break from our end of the season chores. As Jane said on the boat ride out to the fishing grounds, "it's nice to be able to spend the day with you." And, of course, my response is "yup".  Which I know she knows means that I feel the same and I'm really a lucky guy to have her in my life because being married to a fisherman means long days and not a lot of quality time spent together in the summer.  But I digress....
We first tried to catch a few king salmon. No luck. We switched over to halibut and had consistent action. Here’s Jane with her first fish of the day.
Look close. That's the face of a halibut fisherman realizing how deep 260 feet can be when a 45lb halibut is attached to the other end of the line.
Pay dirt!
By late afternoon we had all the fish we needed. Here's Boo lining up the day's haul for a photo.
Here's the crew (less Boo). From left to right are Brad, Alice, myself, and Jane.

Mission accomplished. The boat is now in storage and our freezers have halibut fillets in them. It was a wonderful day, with wonderful people, and a perfect exclamation point to the end of another season.