Monday, March 8, 2010

Bananas Part Two

Salmon have an incredible olfactory sense that allows them to smell molecules in the parts per billion. This is the reason why after living in the ocean for up to five years they can return to the streams where they were born. As you can see, scent plays a big role in the life of salmon and I initially assumed that potassium in bananas was offensive and if you touched a banana and then touched your lure you were destine for a day of bad luck. This made sense until I noticed that banana scented plastic worms were being sold to bass fisherman. So, what is the deal with bananas and why do they cause bad luck?

About ten years ago I read in our local newspaper an article about bananas and bad luck. There were two versions and, of course, it all started a long, long time ago. Version one happened on the high seas when a crew member on a boat slipped on a banana peel left on the deck. The individual fell into the ocean and drowned......bad luck. Version two,, which I find more plausible, happened back in the days of transatlantic crossings by wooden sailing ships. These ships would often stop in tropical islands to gather food and water. Bananas were brought on board in wooden crates and in the crates would be bugs, spiders, vermin and snakes. Bad, bad stuff on board that would cause damage to the ship and often death to the crew members. The article also said that the gases emitted from bananas would eventually rot the wooden ship from the inside out. Another bad thing to say the least.

So, flash forward to the modern era of Willie boats and superstitious fisherman. I've come to the conclusion that people who believe in bananas as bad luck believe that bananas themselves don't CAUSE bad luck but rather are ASSOCIATED with bad luck. Nonetheless it still cracks me up how excited people can get about bananas in the boat.

My finally thought on luck: I am a big believer in luck but I find the harder I work the more of it I get. Now go out and enjoy the rest of your day.



Anonymous said...

Who would've thunk bananas are bad juju.

I'll be the guy boarding the boat with an orange!


Anonymous said...

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