Sunday, November 11, 2012

Fishin' With Dave

Here's a guy that has a real passion for life, Dave Anderson.  If you don't believe me, take a look at his blog, Fishin' with Dave.    His blog is my absolute favorite and I always enjoy reading his well written posts about his daily life.   Go ahead, click on the link,  I know if you like reading mine you'll be a fan of his as well.

Dave and I go back to 2000 when I met him on his first trip to the Kenai River.    At the time I was guiding for Jeff King and by luck I just happened to get Dave and his crew for the day.   It didn't take me long to figure out I liked this guy.   Maybe it's the Minnesota/Wisconsin connections (I grew up in Minnesota but my birthplace was Green Bay, Wisconsin) but I think it's more than that.    Dave is just one of those guys that you're instantly comfortable around.

Since our first meeting, Dave has made it back to Alaska every pink year except for 2010.   Even though our cabins are always full when he comes (it's during the Blinn group), Dave always finds time to call or to stop by to say hello.   Some times he brings freshly picked sweet corn from Minnesota, some times he's bringing me a new lure to try out.    It's all good.  If you haven't guessed, that's Dave in the photo above holding a pair of Kenai silvers caught this past August. 

Here's Dave's 2012 crew.  From left to right is Greg, Dave, Steve, Mark and Tom.  This is limit of silvers taken on a fly in trip to the Bachatna River.      

Ahhh, next time Dave try to catch a fish with the fillets still attached...... 

Our sport show season is just around the corner and this is another time of the year we get to see Dave.   Jane and I always look forward to visiting with him and can't wait to find out if his recent posts are all true.... just like mine!       


Dave Anderson said...

I'm not worthy!!!

Thanks for the nice words. I picked up my new Clam X2 Thermal from Lee and now I have to put the dang thing together, another chore. See you in a few weeks.

Anonymous said...

I like Dave's site. I'm bookmarking it.

Jeff King said...

Well Dave is an amazing guy...He got me blogging and new for this year he brought a computer program that has me singing karaoke.


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