Monday, May 25, 2015

Memorial Day

Today is Memorial Day.  For some, this is the unofficial start of summer and the beginning of the barbecuing season.  But for those who are dealing with a loss of a loved one, or their shattered bodies and minds, it's a remembrance of the true cost of war. Take a moment today to think of those who've served our country with such selfless pride and passion.   

Last week I promised I'd share with you a road trip Jane and I took to visit friends in Talkeetna/Trapper Creek.   It's been four years since we took the 2 1/2 hour drive north of Anchorage.   Believe it or not, there's been quite a bit of growth. 

Instead of showing you the new buildings in Talkeetna, I thought I'd share a few of the old iconic ones.  This is Nagley's Store and it's where the mayor of Talkeetna lives.  Stubbs the Cat is the mayor (yes, that is correct, a cat is the mayor....).

The historic Fairview Inn.  A favorite watering hole for the locals and tourists alike.

The Roadhouse.  Absolutely the best breakfasts served in town.

Okay, I had to share a photo of a newer building overlooking the village of Talkeetna.  This is the Talkeetna Lodge and it's where Jane and I stayed. Like lots of May travelers to Alaska, we took advantage of a spring special that the lodge was offering. It was nice that only a handful of people were there because once summer officially hits this place will be packed. 

And this view is why it will be packed.  One of the best views of Denali (Mt McKinley) is off of the front deck of the Talkeetna Lodge.

On to a fishing report.

Here's the first confirmed king salmon catch by one of our guests. The Cummings family were here for the weekend and said they would like to fish somewhere other than the ocean.  I called Mike Wheat and he was available for a king salmon trip on the Kasilof River. They had two bites on Saturday and Adam nailed the third one.  This was a 25lber and it immediately found it's way to the barbecue grill at the Chinook cabin.   Not too bad for what is being projected as a down year for king salmon.

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