Tuesday, June 30, 2015

Fishing Report Week Ending 6/28/15

Okay, I have a good reason why my weekly fishing report is a couple of days late.  I've been too busy fishing.   If there's been a silver lining with the early run king closure, it's that Jane and I have had time to hang out and enjoy Alaska with friends.  The timing couldn't have been more perfect when Colette and Renee found a couple of relatively inexpensive plane tickets out of Minneapolis and showed up this past week.

Colette, Renee, and Jane
Yesterday, we spend the day fishing with Boo Kandas on a combo trip out of Homer.  What a day. Limits of halibut, black rock bass, 5 pink salmon and one silver salmon.  The fishing was outstanding and the camaraderie was off the chart. 

On the weekend my good buddy Todd joined us.  On Saturday we trekked to the Russian River for a day of red salmon fishing. The run was definitely past peak but lucky for us there were still a few fish to be had. I'm sure glad the right people did the catching.

Here's Renee with her first ever red salmon.

And Colette with her first ever red salmon as well.

Some of the other non fishing highlights of the past week included a trip to Seward, a night of pure entertainment from Hobo Jim, and running into Johnathan Hillstrand from the Deadliest Catch at the Salty Dawg Saloon.   Renee and Colette started out saying, "best day ever" to "best week ever" to "we don't want to leave, ever".   It was a lot of fun having the two of them and Todd around this past week.

Tomorrow is the opening of king salmon fishing on the Kenai River.  It seems like forever since I last fished out my boat. I'm spending today anxiously preparing my gear for what should be an excellent day of recreating on my most favorite river in the world.  

See you next week.

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