Sunday, November 1, 2015

It's Over.

Stick a fork in it.  Adios. So long. Arriverderci. Auf Wiedersehen. And for my Norwegian friends, Ha det!  The 2015 fishing season is now officially in the books.

So, what does a guy do when it's too early to go ice fishing?  He cleans up his gear for storage (my king gear was put away back in August).

Lot's of teeth marks on these lures.  Based on that alone it was a good year in deed.

I would like to thank everyone who returned to Beaver Creek Cabins & Guide Service, and to all those who chose us for the the first time. Fishing was fishing with good days of catching and not so good days of catching.  But, what remained constant were the people and their attitudes.  This is why I love getting up at 4;30am and spending the day on the river.  I can't wait to do it all over again next year.

A REMINDER....just because the fishing is over doesn't mean there won't be anything new on this site until next spring. All winter long I'll be posting articles and photos.  Make sure to come back next week to see what's on my mind.

Beaver Creek Cabins & Guide Service

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