Sunday, March 20, 2016

Spring is Here!

Today marks the first day of spring.  More daylight and warmer temperatures leads to thoughts of fishing opportunities right around the corner. Since the May/June king fishery has been put on hold, I'm looking forward to the Russian River red salmon run and it's now less than three months away!

The Russian River "combat" experience is not always everyone's cup of tea. If you start with the mindset that it's going to be social, you won't be disappointed fishing this popular destination. Remember, attitude is everything and how you approach your day will determine your success.  If you find you cannot tolerate the attitudes of the people around you, don't let that ruin your day.  The easy solution is to move until you find a group of fisherman who are like minded.
My best advice for the Russian River has always been to fish real early, like 3am-4am early.  I have found the crowds to be light and the people who are crazy enough to get up that early to fish know what they are doing. As one of my friends would say, "if you go from 9-5 you'll be dealing with the amateurs, and lots of 'em".

Russian River 2016......count me in!

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