Friday, April 1, 2016


The 1st Annual Skumpy Tournament will be held on the Kenai River from August 13th through September 3rd. The event is part water skiing, and part humpy fishing, hence the name.  The event is based on the Peoria Carp Hunters as seen in the video above.

Director of the tournament, Lirpa Sloof, said "this tournament will add some excitement to the days on the river when the silvers just don't want to bite.  We won't be using tiny nets like they do down south.  We're using big old fashioned Alaska dip nets just like we do in July."

Categories for the tournament include:

  • biggest Wilbur (humpy)
  • most Wilburs (humpy)
  • most pounds of Wilburs (humpy) TEAM EVENT
  • Humpysaurus Rex (biggest male humpy)
  • least coordinated skier
  • skinniest legs
Registration is $25 per individual or $75 for a team of 4.  If you can spell Tennessee correctly there will be an additional 5% discount.

Hope to see y'all there!    


Anonymous said...

And so the tradition continues.....funny stuff once again

Anonymous said...

Hilarious video.