Friday, May 20, 2016

River Salvage

Slim pickings.

Not only was I late to the party, the water levels on the river were higher than normal.  Salvaging was difficult at best.

My buddy Todd Laflamme joined me this year.  I told him this was going to be more of a float than a true salvage run and he should expect exercise, wildlife, and a peaceful, scenic river.  Any found gear would be a bonus.

Surprisingly, there were a few treasures to be had. Above is a skeg guard that Todd found. Definitely the most prized possession of the entire float. Not sure of the brand, but it obviously didn't do what it was designed protect the skeg (which is the very bottom of the motor just under the prop) from shearing off on a rock. I wonder if it can be returned for a refund?


The final take included miscellaneous lures, needle nose pliers, bungee cord, a knife, and the skeg guard. 

Bringing it on home!   Here's Todd rounding the bend into Beaver Creek.

Although I was disappointed with the salvaging, the beauty of the float more than made up for it (and the exercise was great).  Next year, ahhhhh, next year.......

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