Saturday, February 25, 2017

Board of Fisheries Meeting 2/23-3/8

The Alaska Board of Fisheries Upper Cook Inlet Finfish meeting is being held right now in Anchorage. The purpose of this board is to conserve and develop the fisheries resource of the state. What makes Alaska different than the other 49 states is that this is an open process with rule changes submitted by individuals, private organizations, and the department itself. This happens every three years and the seven member board will listen to testimonies and presentations for two weeks. Ultimately, they decide if proposals are adopted or rejected. It's not over stating things to call this ground zero for the FISH WARS experienced in our area. It's a contentious battle between subsistence users, sport fish users, and commercial fishing users.

If you click on this link you can listen to the Board of Fisheries process. Be warned, listening to testimony and deliberations can be a lot like touring a sausage factory. Sometimes it's just better to find out what the new rules are rather than knowing how they got there.

Since I won't be able to attend the meetings, I plan on listening to all things related to the Kenai River. Check the blog often because I plan on giving updates as they happen.

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