Sunday, March 19, 2017

The Miller Scale

When Jane and I bought Beaver Creek Cabins & Guide Service in 2003, one of the items we inherited from the Jahrig's was a bathroom scale to weigh fish boxes. Not very efficient and sometimes embarrassing for the user.

This is how it would go down. In order to get a fairly accurate reading you had to stand on the scale to weigh yourself. Then, while standing on the scale, you'd grab the fish box and subtract your weight from the new reading. If you were under the airlines benchmark weight of 50lbs, you'd add a few fillets. If you were overweight, you'd remove a few fillets.

Year after year of using this archaic method of weighing, Dick Miller had enough and decided to build a custom fish box scale. The photo above is the cradle that a fish box will sit in.
In the middle of the bar will be an eye bolt that the scale will attach to. The entire "Miller Scale" will hang from the ceiling by a chain. Voila, a much better mouse trap.

This is a welcome addition to Beaver Creek Cabins & Guide Service. Many, many thanks to Dick. I know we'll have a lot of happy customers and I bet the the airlines won't mind losing a little bit of revenue from the loss of weight overages.

Beaver Creek Cabins & Guide Service

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