Friday, April 28, 2017

A Journey Of A Thousand Miles Begins With A Single Step

6am Friday morning, dock staged and ready to install

And so it begins. The 2017 season is officially underway with the annual ritual of "let's wake Jane up at 5:30am to help me put the dock in".

At 6:05am, the largest tide of the month occurred. I was worried that if the creek wasn't ice free by today, I wouldn't be able to get the dock in until June. Not good considering I have guided trips scheduled before then. No question, going to a boat launch daily defeats the purpose and advantage that we have on the creek. After all, our tag line says it all: "Out of Bed....and into the Boat!"

7am Friday morning
I was thankful that the last ice flow exited Beaver Creek Wednesday evening. It was near perfect timing for a Friday morning dock installation.
11am Friday morning

So, what's the second step of a journey of a thousand miles? I would say a nice river salvage float, but I think it's going to be getting the cabins ready for the season ahead instead.

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