Sunday, December 17, 2017

What To Expect At Our Cabins

99.99% of the time, if you call or email Beaver Creek Cabins & Guide Service, you will be talking to Jane. She is the best at describing what we do. With that in mind, I decided to go to her and ask questions about our cabins.

KEITH: What does a cabin cost per night?
JANE: It depends on the month. In May and September our rate is $55 per person, per night, based on a minimum of double occupancy. Our June rate is $65 per person, per night, based on a minimum of double occupancy. Our July and August rates are $75-$85 per person, per night, based on a minimum of double occupancy.

KEITH: What about children?
JANE: Pricing is per person. Family rates may be available depending on group size.

KEITH: What about pets. Do you allow them?

KEITH: When is check in?
JANE: Check in after 3:00pm.

KEITH: How about check out?
JANE: Check out is 11:00am.

KEITH: Are the check in/check out times written in stone?
JANE: Check with me if you can get in early or stay a bit later.

KEITH: Can I book a cabin only and not guided fishing?
JANE: It depends. Once Keith's boat is full, the cabins are open for non guided clients.

KEITH: Will I get my own bedroom in your cabins?
JANE: No. Each cabin has an open floor plan. Beds are on the main floor/and or loft.

KEITH: Are there stairs in the cabins?
JANE: There are stairs in all the cabins except the Steelhead cabin.

KEITH: What is furnished in the cabins?
JANE: Sheets, towels, pots, pans, silverware, plates, glasses, dish soap.

KEITH: Do you make the beds and change out the towels daily?
JANE: Yes. Light cleaning is also done on a daily basis.

KEITH: Do you provide meals?
JANE: No. There are many grocery stores and restaurants in the area.

KEITH: What should I bring?
JANE: If you don't eat all your meals at a restaurant, bring your own food and everything related to preparing food. This includes aluminum foil and spices. Although, I often leave spices in the cabin I can't always guarantee they will be there.

KEITH: Who does the dishes?
JANE: You're responsible for that.

KEITH: Do you have barbecue grills?
JANE: Yes. Each cabin has it's own. We have a combination of gas and charcoal.

KEITH: Are the refrigerators/freezers in the cabins large enough to store my fish?
JANE: No. We have a freezer room with three large chest freezers. It's rare that the freezers are at capacity, but if it does happen the priority is given to clients who book cabins and guided fishing with us. There are plenty of facilities near us that have freezer lockers and will rent space for a small fee.

KEITH: How about processing fish. Do you do this?
JANE: No. We have a vacuum sealer that you can use. All that we ask is you buy the bags from us. The cost is $.50 a bag.

KEITH: Any other things I might have missed about the cabins?
JANE: Well, you should know that we do not live on site. We live a short distance away and we're always available for your needs.

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