Sunday, July 29, 2018

Fishing Report Week Ending 7/29/18

It was interesting week of king fishing, red fishing, silver fishing, and pink fishing. We were able to catch a little bit of each on an given day. Here's my awesome crew on Tuesday braving a full day of rain. From left to right is Mike, LeeAnn, Kelvin, and Ray. We focused on king salmon all day and it wasn't until the two minute warning that Mike finally got a king to the boat. Unfortunately, only video tape was rolling and no one took a photo of the fish. It was a beauty. I would conservatively estimate Mike's fish to weigh about 45lbs. Way to go Mike! After several misses last year, you were finally able to cross off your list catching a Kenai king.

The next day I took Kelvin and Mike out to try their luck for red salmon. It wasn't hot fishing, but we managed to catch these.
Miller, Miller, Miller, Stacken, and Holtan. Sounds like a new law firm on the Kenai. Do you think I had fun this day? You betcha.
We targeted kings, had a couple of them on, and ended up catching a nice batch of pink salmon. No one processes fish and game better than Dick and these fish are destined for his smoker.
I finished out the week fishing these guys, Team Arizona. I had a wonderful day netting reds, pinks, and silver salmon for Terry, Rob, Eric, and Wade.
Wade proudly shows off the first of what I hope will be many, Kenai river silver salmon.
Here's Rob and Eric showing off a couple of red salmon.

The roller coaster ride of a king/red season is now in the rear view, and my full effort switches to silver and pink salmon. If last week was an indicator of what is to come, I feel pretty good about how the fishing year will end.

See you next week for a current Kenai river report.

RIP uncle Hughie, RIP....

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