Wednesday, April 28, 2010

The Dock Is In

Putting in the dock and taking out the dock is an easy endeavour as long as you let Mother Nature do her thing. We have a floating dock and it can be easily moved as long at the tide is 22.5 feet or higher. This morning we had a 23 foot tide so it we had no problem getting the dock in. This year we did this earlier than normal but this is because there won't be an adequate tide until late June. As our motto states, "Out of Bed...and into the Boat" and if we waited until later to put the dock in we'd have a few unhappy clients.

The bottom photo is the dock yesterday. It is high and dry and tied up to the trees on the edge of our property. The middle photo was taken at 4:30am this morning with the dock in place on the Beaver Creek channel. Notice how light it is at 4:30am. Very nice. The top photo was taken an hour later right at sunrise.
Now that the dock is you can't help but wonder when the first salmon of the year will be caught. The rumor mill in town will be in full gear before long.


Dave Anderson said...


It's great to see you made it in one piece. I love the early sunrise and late sunset. Our first trip to Alaska was in 2000 during the last week of June. Of course we don't live there however it sure seemed like we had more energy at 10:00 at night. Nice dock and next time we are up, we'll come by. Heading to Sconnie for the fishing opener tomorrow.

Anonymous said...

Good job...Late June would not have been good. Out of bed and into the boat was the selling point to us in 2005. We definitely made a wise choice! Loved every walk I've taken down that dock at 6:00 in the morning
Can't wait to take a few more. See you in 60 days


Anonymous said...

make that 48 days

Anonymous said...

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