Saturday, May 8, 2010

Open For Business 2010

They water was turned on yesterday and the cabins have been cleaned. It's official: the 2010 season in underway.
George, after your comment about how you enjoy walking down the dock early in the morning I couldn't help but post a picture I took today of Jane taking a picture of a moose from the end of the dock. This time of year the moose spend a lot of time on the banks of Beaver Creek. It's the first green grass of the year and after browsing all winter on willows
I got to imagine it's a lot like you and me going to the Dairy Queen.


Dave Anderson said...


Awesome!!! Snowed last night in Brainerd. Had snow on my roof this morning. Go figure!

Anonymous said...

yelp...I never pass up an opportunity for a pineapple milk shake!


Anonymous said...


That's the same shake flavor my dad loved. Crazy.