Thursday, May 27, 2010

Pre Memorial Day Report

My group on Tuesday canceled and I was hoping to give a first hand report about the start of the run this year. So far my only reports have come from a few guys that have been out and they've described the bite as fair.

Today was my official first day and within the first hour Pat caught this beautiful 35lb female Kenai king. We caught it at Fall In Hole on an orange spin 'n glo. That was it for our action today. I spoke with a Fish and Game officer later in the morning and he told me he counted 14 boats on the river and 4 fish had been caught. Not a bad percentage considering the low counts on the sonar. What a great first group and a great first day and my egg curing season has officially begun!

I'll be guiding the next 3 days so expect another fishing report soon.


Heidi Holtan said...

Have you written about this thing you call "egg curing"? Do you have a recipe? Or maybe I'd have to join the witness protection program to know?

fish on Keefer!

Anonymous said...

Oh this egg curing thing will be a topic in and of itself. Keep on reading little sister.


Anonymous said...

Nice female...glad you now have fresh eggs for Jerry and I!!!!Go ahead and tell your sister about the "Magic Dust"