Wednesday, June 2, 2010

Post Memorial Day Fishing Report


Low fish counts and low water visibility led to a weekend of slow fishing. Luckily the weather was near perfect, the clam tides were good and Hobo Jim started his summer concert schedule on Friday and Saturday. Above are Samantha, Sidney, and Shelby Brown posing proudly with their hooligan. Dad Tony did not want to be in the photo until he caught a king salmon......I guess we'll wait until Tony comes back in July to fulfill his wish.

The overall first run has been disappointing. Since May 16th the cumulative count was 675 king salmon. Officially this is the worst May since the sonar began counting in 1988. 2002 was the second worse run with 895 king salmon. Just to give you an idea of what is "normal" just two years ago the May run was 2590. The highest May recorded was in 1988 with 5574 king salmon.

Overall the fishing community on the Peninsual are holding their breath with this run. There have been many years when the count started slow and then a couple of tide cycles later everything was alright. Time will only tell how this run will shape up. On the up side, there have been reports of red salmon being caught at Bing's Landing and a few reds already up in the Russian River system.

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Anonymous said...

Thanks for your honesty. A couple of other guide reports make it seem like everything's ducky and bunnies. I checked the fish and game sonar site and you're dead on with the numbers. Good luck to you this week.