Friday, June 11, 2010

Kenai River to Reopen 6/12/10

I have received word from multiple sources that the Kenai River will reopen to fishing as of 6/12/10. It will be restricted and the only salmon that can be kept are 20" and under or 55" and over. All other fish must be released. The official announcement will occur this evening.

The Alaska Department of Fish and Game erred on the side of conservation and I applaud that. The fear was that the salmon would NOT return and the few that did needed to survive so that the run in 5 years would not be a complete disaster. The first few days after the closure was in effect the amount of salmon passing over the sonar remained small. This past week, however, the daily sonar counts have been 500 to 600 salmon. It's become obvious that the salmon were just late and needless to say the collective mood on the peninsula has improved 1000%.

On a personal note, Jane and I would like to thank George for praying to the salmon gods and keeping a postive attitude since the closure was announced. They heard you all the way from Florida.

Long live the kings!

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Anonymous said...

You're welcome.....I will continue to pray to the Salmon Gods and dance on the bow of my Carolina Skiff until even more large numbers of Kings appear... which will continue to keep the Kenai strong,.... so I can fish in 2015.... Maybe even the other restrictions will be lifted by the time I fish or I'll just have to catch a 56"