Thursday, June 3, 2010

Kenai River Closes to King Salmon Fishing 6/5/10

By issue of Emergency Order the Alaska Dept. of Fish & Game has closed the Kenai River to king salmon fishing from 6/5/10 until 6/30/10. Normally at this point in the run about 3100 fish will have entered the river.....this year we are at 739. Closing the river at this time is the right thing for the the health of the river, but disappointing to those who planned a trip of a lifetime. Keep in mind that if the run does improve the Emergency Order can be lifted and fishing will resume.

Jane and I are in the process of contacting our June clients. We are offering alternatives to king fishing such as red salmon fishing, trout fishing, pike fishing, and clam digging. Also, if you haven't already made plans to fish in the saltwater for halibut, we would be happy to assist you in finding a captain.

Keith & Jane

p.s. I wasn't planning on posting a picture but as I was preparing this post a momma moose and her two calves were standing in the front yard. Hard to resist.

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Sheila said...

Keith, your honesty is commendable, but of course it is only what I expected. As I recall, this has happened before but opened back up sooner than expected. (the little fish hook incident has been wiped off so no worry there-joke)I enjoy all the pictures too. Keep it going!