Thursday, March 28, 2013

Winter Landscapes

Last week I was down on the peninsula to check on the cabins.   Beautiful weather with about half the snow total of last year.   My plan is to get the dock out in a month.  Think it will happen?  I hope so, because the best tides are at the end of April and if there's too much ice the next favorable tide cycle is at the end of May. I have several trips mid to end of May and it would sure be convenient to be able to walk  down the dock to go fishing rather than launching daily at a boat ramp.

A snowy landscape looking over the mouth of the Kenai River towards Mount Redoubt.

It may look like a frozen ice box but we are now receiving over 13 hours of sunlight and gaining nearly 6 minutes of sunshine every day.   Barring any extended April cold snaps, I feel pretty good about spring break up being right on time.

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