Sunday, June 29, 2014

Fishing Report Week Ending 6/29/14

Not much of a fishing report to give you for this past week.  Why?  I didn't go fishing.  I spent my time getting ready for the much anticipated king salmon "reopener" on July 1st.   Scrubbing up gear and getting the boats running and on the dock had a higher priority than fishing area rivers and lakes.

But, I can give you a first hand fishing report from people that have been staying at the cabins.   The Russian River is still giving up a few fish but it's definitely past peak.   The Kasiliof is still producing a few kings but very few are hatchery fish so they had to be released.   Red salmon fishing on the Kasilof has been a better alternative with success being attributed to timing.   The most consistent fishery has been the ocean.   All week limits of halibut have been coming back to the cabins with quite a few rock bass in the mix.   The boats that targeted feeder kings out of Homer have been very successful. Two different groups brought back nice 15lb-20lb kings.

On Saturday I jumped in the boat to check out the water levels in a couple of my favorite fishing holes (I keep hearing my father's voice telling me that preparation is the key to success).   One thing that was evident is with limited boat traffic on the river, more wildlife are out and about.   The sandhill crane in the photo above was nicely camouflaged on the bank. On my scouting trip I also saw several swans but unfortunately my camera wasn't ready. Next time!

For all you moose lovers, this photo is for you.  There have been plenty of moose around this summer and it's high time that one of them made it to the blog. This gal just happened to be in our front yard and as you can see she doesn't have a care in the world.

So, Super Tuesday is just around the corner and I'm anxious to be on the water.  As much as I don't want to admit it, I'm already worrying about where to start and what color lures to use.   The first hour is important and I hate to guess wrong and miss the morning bite.  But, the good news is I've got 12 hours to find fish and to find a pattern.   I know I'll be smiling all day and so will a whole bunch of other guides and their clients who are finally getting an opportunity to fish for a Kenai king.

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Anonymous said...

Well, it's the first. Hopefully you got on the water and there was a fish or two waiting for your party. Keeping my fingers crossed for July - Don't come home we are drowning.