Sunday, July 19, 2015

Fishing Report Week Ending 7/19/15

This might be the least narrative of any of my fishing reports.  I am literally running from sunrise to sunset and in Alaska that's a lot of time.   Briefly, the king fishing was okay this past week and the red fishing picked up on the weekend.  Above is an old college friend of mine, Amy Fitzpatrick with a nice king caught on her first troll of the afternoon.
Here's her sister in law Karen with her king caught on the second troll of the afternoon.
Finally, here's Amy's husband Mike with his king caught on the third troll of the afternoon.

Here's Tim and Patti nearly getting a limit of reds.

And here's Gary happily standing by the reds he and Tammy caught.

A morning of red fishing with Gene, Jen, Kim and Jake.  It was slow and the only legal fish caught was by the master himself, Gene.

Nicest king of the season.  John shook for 10 minutes after he landed it.  I couldn't be more excited for him.

College buddies Todd, Mark, and Tony with their reds,

I've got a hundred things I need to do before tomorrow so I won't go into any details of what I think the week ahead will be like.  I just know I'm fishing and it's going to be great.  See you next week.

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