Sunday, July 26, 2015

Fishing Report Week Ending 7/26/15

What a week to be on the Kenai River.   Very good fishing without bait, incredible fishing with bait. Friday night the ADFG determined that the Kenai would meet the escapement goals for king salmon and opened up the river to the use of bait until the end of July.

No doubt the highlight of the week, if not the season, is the fish that Gene Miller caught (pictured above).  For four years Gene has fished king salmon with me.  The boat always landed a king or two on each of his trips, but this is the first king for Gene. When I netted the 65lb buck I looked at him and said "I can now cross you off of my bucket list".   It was a long wait for both of us.
Jodie Stacken continued her mastery of the Kenai kings.
 And so did Kim Miller.
Jenny kept the string alive for women anglers this week.  This is her first and biggest king ever.  I'm sorry that the husbands, Mike, Dick, and Jake, didn't land a king but I think they were happy to watch their wives bring them in.

Group photo of Miller and Stacken party. Jodie and Kim with their second, Gene with his big one, and Dick wondering, "where's mine?".

Here's Christoph with a nice 45lb buck he caught on an afternoon trip.

Here's Team Bangen with their limit of kings on the first day of bait.

How was the red fishing you ask?  Not bad.  Some days the run was strong, other days perseverance and patience would lead to limits.

It looks like the week ahead should still be good for red salmon, and I anticipate the king fishing to be good as well.   I haven't heard of any silver salmon being caught on the river yet but it's just a matter of time before these fighting machines make their way back.

Until next week, tight lines.

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Glad you had a good week. Hooray for the return of the kings.
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