Sunday, January 3, 2016

Looking Back/Moving Forward

I think it is appropriate symbolism to use Kenai sunrises when the title of this post is "Looking Back/Moving Forward."  If I'm going to say hello to 2016, I have to properly say goodbye to 2015.

First off, the good in 2015. The Kenai River made all of the escapement goals set by the Alaska Department of Fish and Game. The future looks bright for our salmon.

Now, the not so good in 2015. The Kenai River was closed to king salmon fishing in May and June. Although not good for business, these measures allowed escapement goals to be met.  Fish have to come first if we want to have a tomorrow.

Jane and I would like to thank our guests, friends, and family for choosing to spend part of their summer with us. We feel very fortunate to count so many of our guests as true friends.

We can't wait to jump into 2016.

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