Friday, February 19, 2016

Early Run Kenai King Season Closed

As I predicted in my last post, the Alaska Department of Fish and Game has announced that the Kenai River will be closed to king salmon fishing from May 1st until June 30th, 2016.  It will reopen on July 1st.

So, if you're coming to the Kenai Peninsula in May/June to fish, your options are this:

  • king fishing on the Kasilof, Ninilchik, Deep Creek, or Anchor River
  • saltwater fishing for halibut and salmon out of Homer, Anchor Point, or Seward
  • red salmon fishing at the Russian River (mid June)
  • trout fishing in area lakes and rivers
  • a fly in fishing trip for multi species
If anyone would like a nice, quiet scenic tour of the Kenai River in May/June, I'm your guy!


Anonymous said...

Maybe you should sell salvage trips. Spread a few extra lures around so people can find something. Kinda like the gold panning for tourists. Gotta throw a few flakes in there just to keep them coming back. Anyway, hope the fish show up for you and they reopen the river.


Dave Anderson said...

nice picture of you!!!