Sunday, October 23, 2016

Park Ranger

Early in October I was fishing in the middle Kenai River and a Park Ranger made a safety check on us. He basically wanted to make sure we all had fishing licenses. I'm not saying I'm being profiled as a guide, but this was my 8th check of the year. Perhaps my percentage of stops versus hours on the water is in line with the average, but you'd think the Rangers would know by now that I'm a by the book kinda guy.
Because of our check, I was privy to a rather unusual incident. A guide boat pulled up on the other side of the slough and yelled to the Park Ranger, "hey, I found a big bag of dope floating down the river. What should I do with it?"
The Park Ranger told him to bring it over to where we were. As you can see in the photo above, the whole incident provided a lot of levity to all involved.

Since there were less than a dozen boats on the river that day, I hope the Park Ranger didn't "profile" the wrong people........

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