Sunday, June 4, 2017

Fishing Report Week Ending 6/4/17

It happened.

Or I should say, it's happening.

Because of the volatility the last few years during the early Kenai king run, my bookings have been down. A big part of this is because Jane and I have been steering most of our business into late summer and into fall. Rarely is fishing restricted or closed. In other words, it's much more predictable and it's an easier "sell". I know it's going to take some time for people to have confidence in the early run fishery, but right now the fishing has been pretty good and it's been a joy running up and down the river with so few people out there.

One guy that's been busy guiding this early in the season has been my ol' buddy Jeff King. Let's just say, he's been ripping it up. You can read about his adventures and see photos of the kings he's caught if you click here.  Well done, Jeff, well done...
For me, for the amount of time spent on the water last week, the fishing was good. Here's one of the kings that was released.
This fish was over the 36" slot limit and turned loose.
This was fish was under the 36" slot limit but Gary decided to release it. That was a good thing because he was rewarded later with a fish under 28". The reason I say rewarded is that any king caught before July 1st that is under 28" is a "free" fish, and doesn't count towards the seasonal bag limit of two Kenai kings. Yahtzee!
And here's another fish released.
On the day Gary and I were out we had quite a few rainbow trout bite our gear. This was the largest and it measured 20".
Here's another upside of fishing during the early run; hardly any boats on the river which seems to please the wildlife. This caribou watched us as we trolled on by. It was so peaceful for her that she eventually curled up on the gravel bar and took a nap.
Had to include this photo of a young moose taking up residency in our front yard. If you love moose, this is definitely the time of year that you'll see a lot of them.

My calendar is light this week but I should be out fishing several times. The conditions and sonar numbers remain good so I expect the king salmon fishing to be that way as well.

A side note. Based on how many jumping red salmon that that I've watched this week, I think the Russian River red salmon opener on June 11th should be a good one. It's getting to be that time of year to dust off the combat gear and to practice yelling "FISH ON!"

See you next week.

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Dave Anderson said...

Wow, is the river that low or were you on the tidal section?

Beaver Creek Cabins & Guide Service said...

Nope. The river is always low in the spring and this year it's a little lower than average. It's been a cool spring with little glacier melt. It's changing now and the water levels are rising. Before long it will be filled from bank to bank.