Sunday, June 18, 2017

Fishing Report Week Ending 6/18/17

My dad and my son.
Happy Father's Day everyone!

Looking back at my forecast last week, I was right on one thing, and wrong on another. I was right that the water conditions in the beginning of the week would be marginal, and I was wrong that fishing on Father's Day weekend would be great. I was really hoping that the trips I postponed in the beginning of the week would pay off on the weekend. It wasn't that the weekend was awful, I just thought I'd see more than a handful of fish caught.
As I said, it wasn't awful fishing, it's just that the bites were few and far between. Here's a decent king that Kevin released. This was a twenty pound fish and it was caught within the first half hour of the day. Kevin came to fish, and not harvest, so this was sent back. As the day wore on Kevin did confide that if were a bigger fish he would have kept it. He said sitting in a boat for eight hours without fishing was more painful to him than releasing a twenty pound fish.

And here's another fish that was sent back on it's journey by Mike. I wish I could have got a photo of you releasing the fish, but we will do that next time! 

Guide boats lining up for the 6:00am start.

Well, how cute is that? My neighbor Rusty called me Thursday afternoon and asked if I wanted to join him on his first day running the river. I like Rusty, but I was really excited when he pulled up to the dock with the World's Greatest Fishing Beagle, Lily.  We boated, and fished, and I managed to catch a small king that was released. Lily is good luck and I asked Rusty if I could baby sit her until October...
Adding to the cute factor this week was this baby moose hanging out around our fish smoker. The little guy is probably wondering when the next batch of fish will be done.

My fearless, forecast for the week ahead is that I'll be on the water for many hours. I'm optimistic that we'll be able to find a few kings that want to bite. If that's not the case, my first hand reports from the Russian River has been that for the people who know what they are doing, the red fishing has been great. Vernon, who I guided on Saturday, said on one day it took him fifteen minutes to catch his three fish limit. On another day, it took an hour. 

Tight lines everyone, and see you back here next week. 

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