Sunday, September 24, 2017

Fishing Report Week Ending 9/24/17

It was another fun week of fishing on the Kenai. Plenty of fish, decent enough weather, and time spent with friends made it so.
Neighbor Mary still has the touch when it comes to silver fishing.
And the same with Neighbor Nancy.
How do the fish stand a chance when there's three ladies in the boat?

The Xtratuf Girls
The weather was great the next day so it wasn't hard to convince Jane, Nancy, and Mary (Dan too) that we should go out again. My goal was to get Nancy enough fish to get her through until next spring. In a couple of hours that goal was met.

Lars and Abe's Excellent Adventure
On Wednesday, I received a text from my former "employee" and long time friend Lars. He said he flew from Minnesota to Seattle to meet up with another friend and they drove a conversion van up the AlCan Highway to Alaska. I asked if they had any plans and he said no. Perfect, come on down. I told them they should stay in a cabin and that we should go fishing. There was no argument.
That's Lars on the left, and Abe on the right. It turns out that Jane and I went to high school with Abe's dad. Small world. Anyway, back to the photo above. What a heck of a way to start our fishing trip: two silvers in four minutes of fishing.
And the next couple of hours weren't too bad either. Hey guys, it was nice to spend a couple of days with you. You make me feel like our future is in good hands......

Next week could be it for my guiding season. I'm down to one last group. Although "work" might be over, you know I'll be fishing well into October. 

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