Sunday, September 3, 2017

Fishing Report Week Ending 9/3/17

It was a quiet week of guiding, but it was another great week of fishing. Well, that's mostly true except for a couple of days that the river became muddy. When the river starts to look like coffee with creamer, the bite usually shuts down. I was very fortunate not to have any trips scheduled on those days.

My week began when my friend Matt brought his visiting family down for a fishing trip. Since they arrived at the cabins early in the afternoon, I told Matt we should go out and whet their appetites before our scheduled trip the next day. Here's Sally, Cole, Travis, and John after a few hours of fishing. Not a bad introduction to the Kenai River and silver salmon fishing.
The next day we went out and had a great morning of fishing. The highlight of the trip was two double doubles. What this means is we caught two silvers at the same time twice. That's Matt in the middle of this photo. I'm sure glad he was on board to help me with the chaos.
The next day I didn't have a trip so it was time to take Jane and Dan out.
And the next day we did it all over again.
Jane couldn't make it the third day so it was just Dan and me. Another day, same results.
I finished the week fishing Team Alpha Roofing & Construction from Wasilla, Alaska. If you notice in the photo, the limit for silver salmon has increased from two to three fish. This regulation went into effect September 1st. Thanks, Tyler, Travis, Crystal, and Justin for a fun morning. And, thanks Bryce for once again sending your employees down for a night in the cabins and a day on the water.

My little respite from guiding ended today and for the next six days I will be fishing. I have a lot of repeat customers, so I'm definitely hoping that the excellent fishing will continue. Come back next week to see if it has. Later!

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