Sunday, August 27, 2017

Fishing Report Week Ending 8/27/17

It was another fabulous week of silver salmon fishing on the Kenai River. I was worried that the bite would slow down (it always does before the second run shows up in September), but it just stayed hot. The photo above is Gavin, Marc, Brad and Frank on their second trip fishing the Kenai.
And here they are on the their third trip. Frank has been fishing in Southeast Alaska and he liked that rain wasn't as bad here as it is in that part of Alaska. It's all relative I guess.
On a really wet afternoon I had the pleasure of taking out part of Dan Meyer's family. Here's grandson JD showing off the first fish of the trip.
His older brother Travis wouldn't let JD out fish him.

It was raining hard, close to dinner time, and Dad Blake ended our trip with this nice fish. It was a good time to call it. Pictured above are JD, Travis, Elizabeth, Blake, and Photobomb Dan. Next time Elizabeth, we will fish a little longer so you can catch a Kenai silver.

The next morning, I got to spend time on the water with my good friends Bob, Ray, Renee, and Todd. It was no surprise that it was raining, but hot fishing more than made up for it.
It was the same on Day 2 with these guys....rain and plenty of fish.
Could it happen three days in a row? Well, it did for everybody but Bob. In the first few hours of the day, Todd and Renee got their limit. Bob caught one and Ray was shut out. We headed back to the dock to clean the fish and to get Bob to the airport for his flight back home to Florida.
I took Ray out fishing later in the day and in less than a half hour later he was done. Hated to do it (well, not that much) but we sent Bob photos while he was waiting at the airport. He said he wasn't disappointed in the least and it was okay that he had to end his fishing trip early. Todd, Ray,  Renee, and Bob, thanks so much for coming at this time of year. Getting caught up and telling stories from yesteryear is the shot in the arm that I needed to get me through to the end of this season.

I ended my week fishing Brian and Rachel. These guys fished with me in early July, and unfortunately did not catch a king. Since they live about fifteen miles away from Kenai, I told them they needed to come back in August when the silvers were in. They came back and the silvers cooperated. I like it when a plan comes together....

For the week ahead I plan on getting some rest and to take care of a few maintenance issues. I will be fishing everyday, but not guiding everyday. Come back next week to see if the strong run of silvers will continue.

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