Sunday, August 6, 2017

Fishing Report Week Ending 8/6/17

Silver fishing was okay this past week. It wasn't great, it wasn't bad, it was right in the middle. I'll take that considering the run is just starting.

On Monday, our guest Ken was out chasing reds and got his limit. For experienced anglers, there are still reds to be had at this time of the year.
Tuesday, I had the pleasure of fishing with Harold, Ed, and Michael. We had several bites, but it was Michael that caught these two keepers. One silver, one pink.
Wednesday, Al and Kylie Witte completed their Alaska vacation with a silver trip. If you noticed on the last fishing report, these two caught their Kenai kings. And, on this trip they got their limit of silvers. The Kenai was definitely kind to the Witte's.
On Thursday, I spent a great day on the water with Shane, Tracy, and Blaine. That's Blaine with his limit of silvers.
Tracy got one silver, and unfortunately, Shane wasn't able to catch the targeted species. Next time, Shane, next time...
Friday, Harold, Ed, and Michael were back in the boat. That's Ed with a hard earned silver salmon.
Here's Michael with his limit. That did not surprise me at all.
Had to include this photo of a great moment between Grandpa Harold and his grandson Michael. We were all hoping for a fish photo of Harold but it just wasn't in the cards. Darn kids taking away all your bites.....
What a great way to end this report with a series of photos of Jake fishing off the dock for trout. This week was such an enjoyable week for me to watch these three young men, Jake, Michael, and Blaine, catch fish on the Kenai. It's not hard to notice a little bit of me in all three of these guys.

Come back to the blog next week to see how the silver run is progressing. We are on the front end of the run but it could explode any day now.

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