Sunday, July 30, 2017

Fishing Report Week Ending 7/30/17

Best week ever guiding kings. Everybody fought one, caught one, or let one go. What an incredible way to end the 2017 Kenai king season.

I started out Super Tuesday morning with Kim, Gene, Mike, and Jodie. Every guide's dream is to have a hot breakfast and these guys had me back at the dock by 8:00am.
After breakfast, I was geared up and ready to go for my next group that was coming in at noon. Did I mention every guide's dream is a hot breakfast? How about a hot lunch? Well, these guys finished up in time for me to have a late lunch (or early dinner). From left to right is Rude Rodney, Esko Bill, Sweet Pete (I like to call him "0" for "9" Pete), and Thompson Kenny. Way to go guys, way to make this a true Super Tuesday.
Wednesday morning continued just like Tuesday. That's Steve, Martin, Chris, and nine year old Jake. Steve had two big take downs but was unable to get either fish to the boat. He wanted to get out another time with me but I was booked all week. Fortunately, he was able to book another guide and proudly reported he boated a 55lber. He got the one that got away!
Wednesday afternoon the hot bite wouldn't stop. That's Mike, Steve, Eric, and Raksey Joo.

Thursday morning Gene tagged out for the year. Funny story is Gene fished four straight years with me and never caught a king. Two years ago he finally got on board and caught the largest king of the summer. He came back this year and got two. Not bad for a young 86 year old. 

Gene's son, Dick, also got his two for the season. I promised I wouldn't mention how many Kim missed on Thursday morning, but let's just say her arms are tired.  Jodie was a close second....It was a great week of seeing Stacken/Miller's at the cabins. Can't wait to do it all over again.
Don started out Thursday afternoon with this chrome king.
And, after several take downs, Team Larson was able to get this beauty in the boat.
Here's one of the rare feats that happened during this king season. Friday morning, three generations of Chesney's caught their kings. That's Chris, Martin, and nine year old Jake. And, if you were to guess that Jake caught the red salmon you would be right. 
Had to include an additional photo of Jake's first king.
And, another father/son moment when Jake boated his second king of the week.
Friday afternoon the fishing remained hot. Gary released a 20lb king, and then snapped his own rod on another fish (we ended up losing the rod and the fish). However, bringing fish to the boat and keeping them were Nikki, Kylie, and my old buddy Al Witte. Always fun to fish with old friends.
On Saturday, Team Nordberg, consisting of Ken, Dave, Lyndsey, Alyssa, and Tyler, ended my season with this fantastic haul. I think it had a lot to do with fish karma. Stay with me on this.....July 29th is my mom and dad's wedding anniversary. When my dad first met Jeff King in 1985, he asked him what was the biggest king he ever boated and when did it happen. Jeff told him July 29th. Perfect, my dad said, he would be on the Kenai on his anniversary (usually without my mom). He did this for years and was always successful. Today, my parents are no longer with me, but I often feel as if they're watching out for me. That brings me to the Nordberg's. My grandmother, and Ken's father, were brother and sister. That makes me a Nordberg too. So, the fact that they booked a trip on the 29th, and they're family, made this a can't miss day on the Kenai.

Whew, what a week! Lot's of families, fish and an age range from 9 to 86 years old. Today it's back to reality. I'll be spending all my time breaking down my king gear and replacing it with silver gear. I'll be starting my silver season on Tuesday, August 1st. There have been reports of a few silvers caught incidentally while bank fishing for reds. That's a good sign and I hope this week we will find plenty of willing biters.

Come back next week to see if the silvers are in. 


Anonymous said...

Holy "expletives". Wow. I wish I would have come this year.


Anonymous said...

It was an awesome week of fishing. Keith, you are a great guide! Can't wait to do it again in 2019! JS

Francis said...

Thanks for everything, Keith. The good will is ALWAYS appreciated.

Beaver Creek Cabins & Guide Service said...


You are the best good will ambassador that I've seen for this sport. What I've done for you is a fraction of what you've done for others...


ADW said...

I have always enjoyed the time on the River with Keith and I will be there again as soon as I can, King fishing trip of a lifetime # 5 here I come!!!