Sunday, July 9, 2017

Fishing Report Week Ending 7/9/17

It was better this week than the previous week.

And, what a way to end the week with these two little guys, Oliver and Sylis, who caught a couple of beauties Saturday afternoon. Thumbs up right back at you for doing a wonderful job fighting these fish. You handled it like a couple of old pro's. Kudo's to Ron and Bobbie for the adult assistance as well.

Now, to the week in review. My first trip of the week was on the 4th of July. It didn't take too long before Tom broke the ice with this nice fish.
Just after noon, his buddy Rick finished our day with this fish. Thanks guys, for a memorable 4th of July on the water. I'm pretty sure I'll be seeing you both in the years to come.
Thursday was the first half day of fishing the Zitting group. Unbeknownst to me, I didn't realize that the 12 Zitting's each threw in a $100 to see who could catch the largest king. Allen, who fished with me in the morning, lead after the first half day with this 39.5" king.
You're looking at a $1200 fish right there. On day two Bill spent about fifteen minutes fighting this king before it found the net. It measured 46". Bill has fished the Kenai several times but never for king salmon. He liked the action silver fishing, but the power of a king was nearly immeasurable. It will be interesting to see what species they'll come back for.
Gordon caught the second largest fish of their tournament and it measured 44". Nephew Bill was so happy for him I think he's going to split the winnings with him. No doubt, family memories were made on this fishing trip.

Wish I had more photos of the Wachtel's. Mike, John, and Becky fished with me Thursday afternoon and never had a bite. We fished again Friday afternoon and the only fish we got to the boat is the one Becky is holding. It was a really strange "unsalmon" like fight. Clearly a lady who has done a lot of fishing, Becky thought she screwed things up. I said, "are you kidding me, it's in the net." Mike, on the other hand, had one of those fish we can only imagine what size it was. Shortly after he set the hook, the fish headed down stream and peeled off nearly 300 feet of line in a matter of seconds. Unfortunately, there were several boats below us and the line either was cut on an outboard motor, or it brushed up against the side of another boat. Either way, the line snapped at the 105 foot mark. Nuts. Maybe next time...
We didn't put every fish caught in the box this week, and I applaud those who released these fine fish. Here's a gorgeous 42" king that Bobbie released. Rick and Tom were also a couple of guys who released fish as well. King karma I like to call it.

For the week ahead, I predict the king fishing should get better, but it's still going to require effort and luck to catch fish daily. In addition, the red salmon are starting to trickle in, and it will be any day now before the first big push will happen. 

Come back next week to see how the run is shaping up.

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