Sunday, July 16, 2017

Fishing Report Week Ending 7/16/17

Super Tuesday
To steal a phrase, "It was the best of times, it was the worst of times." What an incredible roller coaster ride of fishing last week. It started out red hot, but that was soon cooled when a group cancelled a couple of days of fishing mid week. Unfortunately, by the time I was back out on the water, the Killey River decided to dump a ton of dirty water into the Kenai and it absolutely shut the bite down. It was too bad my weekend fisherman were not able to rearrange their schedule to fill in the cancellation.

So, I started the week off fishing a group from my Minnesota hometown of Brainerd. Glenda Kunde, fellow BHS Class of 1981 alum, caught this 52" Kenai king about an hour into the morning. Tired from the fight, and the fact that this was a heavy fish, her husband Craig helped her lift the fish for the photograph. The smiles say it all...
That's Mike and Pam Marlatt also of Brainerd (Mike is a Michigan transplant). Of course it was Pam that reeled in this fish. This, once again, proves that women catch more fish than men on the Kenai.
But wait, we weren't done for the day. It was the now the guys turn. Craig caught the next fish.
And, Mike finished off the boat limit with this fish. Well done, guys, well done.
My next trip I had the pleasure of guiding Jane's cousins Dick and Marcia Hoffman. Of course, it was Marcia who caught this fish. Dick was undeterred and had enough fun that he said they are definitely coming back to Alaska next year. I know there will be one waiting for you then Dick...

I had Team Brainerd out a second day. Mike was the last to finish the first time, and now he was the first to finish the second time. For all of you who are reading this from the Brainerd area, I'm sure you'll be able to recognize the koozy in the mouth of this fish.
Pam caught the second fish of the trip, although smaller than the fish she caught the day before, it was the perfect size for a whole fillet pit barbeque. Mission accomplished.

The last fish of the week was caught by Grant Watt, charter member of the Beaver Creek All-Stars. Grant backbounced this nice fish on an incoming tide Thursday night. Way to go Grant!

For the week ahead, I'm crossing my fingers and toes that the Kenai dirty water will flush out. If so, I anticipate very good fishing. If not, a lot of stories will be told. Also, the first big push of red salmon has not happened yet. A few fish were caught on the banks last week, but it's just a matter of time before the big surge will happen.

Will it or won't it? Come back next week to find out.


Anonymous said...

Wow! That doesn't look like any fun reeling in those fish.

Anonymous said...

Awesome, great job Keith. Hopefully the Silvers are as cooperative in late August early September? ? See you soon !!Ken and Michelle

Anonymous said...

It was a SUPER TUESDAY! Awesome guiding and hospitality provided by Keith and Jane. We thoroughly enjoyed our time spent with you on the Kenai. Thanks for the memories! Mike and Pam Marlatt