Sunday, June 17, 2018

Fishing Report Week Ending 6/17/18

That's the only fish caught this week and it wasn't caught by a client. I was fishing on my day off with my neighbor, former guide and captain of the Beaver Creek All Stars, Greg Davis, and this 48lb king salmon was fooled by an orange spin n' glo fishing lure. As fun as it was for me, I really wish I could have saved this bite for one of my clients because fishing was tough this past week.

Why was it a tough week? It was a combination of three things: low king numbers, muddy water, and lots of debris fouling up fishing gear. When faced with these conditions I'll cancel fishing trips and direct people to other fisheries where they'll have a better opportunity to catch a fish (Russian River, fly out, saltwater, etc.) Well, I had two different groups scheduled to fish two days each, and I tried cancelling the trips on them. Both groups said they were here, the river wasn't closed to fishing, and they wanted to fish at least one time on the fabled Kenai River. So, that's what we did. Each group spent one day on the river.
When you don't catch fish, you post group photos. From left to right is Myron, Doug, Darlene, Klay, and Nicole. Beautiful weather and conversaton would be the hallmark of this day. I'd be lying if I said it wasn't enjoyable to get caught up with old friends, and to meet a new one (that would be you, Doug). Thanks guys for opting in to fish even though conditions were not favorable.
This is what you do when the weather is nice and the fishing is not so nice. You find a kid and take a boat ride. This is Alec, Myron and Cindy's grandson. For a seven year old he is a pretty good captain. Next time, we'll work on his netting and filleting skills.
I was hoping to take the two youngest kids at our cabins out for a boat ride with Alec too. Klay and Nicole thought it would be best for their children, Hadley and Jack, to not know that water is nearby. After Jack's adventure on the beaches of Kenai, that was a pretty good choice Mom and Dad. Wish I had a photo of Hadley playing in the yard, but she was on the shy side and wouldn't let me take a picture. Jack, on the other hand, had no problems posin' and ridin' the salmon. Moooo! Thanks again Myron, Cindy, Ron, Darlene, Doug, Nicole, Klay, Darlene, Alec, Hadley, and Jack for making Beaver Creek Cabins & Guide Service your home base for your week in Alaska. Jane and I really appreciate your business, and more importantly your friendship.
The other trip this week was with Ron and Erica and with improving water conditions I had high hopes for this day. Nada, zip, goose egg, El Skunkarino. Not only did we not get a bite, we never saw anyone else get one either. At least the wildlife viewing didn't disappoint. Besides this momma moose with her calves, harbor seals, and bald eagles were in abundance. Thanks guys, for an enjoyable day and it was great talking all things Minnesota. I hope to see you both in the future under different circumstances....
I snapped another great sunrise on Beaver Creek this week. If you aren't a morning person, it's probably because you haven't experienced a sunrise like this before.

In just a few days it will be the summer solstice, the lightest day of the year in the northern hemisphere. In Kenai, the sun will rise at 4:30am and it will set at 11:40pm. The few hours the sun does set it will never truly get dark. I know that summers can be difficult for our visitors who would like to sleep "through the night". But, if sleep is what you are after, come to Alaska in December. Sunrise will be at 10:30am and it will set before 4:00pm. At high noon the sun will not clear the trees. Uffda. I'm not quite sure why I brought this topic up and I should probably just delete the previous paragraph. We have an entire summer and fall to fish yet and I start to talk about winter....

Make sure to come back to the blog next week. It will be about fishing, and I'm sure a few other random thoughts. See you then. Oh, by the way, Happy Father's Day everyone!

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