Sunday, June 24, 2018

Fishing Report Week Ending 6/24/18

Not much of a Kenai River king fishing report for this week. Tuesday was the only day I could guide before the closure and, unfortunately, the river was in horrible shape. Not only low number of kings entering on this day (24 fish to be exact), but heavy rains compounded with the Snowy River glacier dam bursting caused the Kenai to become high and muddy. The highlight of the day was finding a derelict boat floating down the river. I'm not sure if it's abandoned or lost, but if this boat is yours, or you know who's it is, please get a hold of me.
So here is the brief fishing report for the week....I tried to cancel my trip on Tuesday, but David and Joshua still wanted the Kenai experience. They figured as long as the fishery was not closed, they wanted to be out there. I wish they had a fish story to tell, but helping me tow a boat back to the dock was the "high water mark" of this day. Thanks guys, for your attitudes and for giving it such a solid effort under difficult circumstances. I know I'll see you both again some time soon.
It's no secret, but I have a reputation for being a salvager. Half the fun of finding something is telling friends about my discoveries. I was telling Dan and Mary Meyer about the boat I acquired on Tuesday and Mary was quick to send me a photo of my best day ever for finding stuff. Several years ago, Dan and I were out fishing on a fall day and we came across this float plane drifting down the river. It turned out, the pilot ran out of gas and had to make an emergency landing. We towed the plane and the pilot back to the dock, and as much as I wanted to keep this find, I wasn't able to. Thanks, Mary, for sharing the photo of this unforgettable day. 
"Sorting my sock drawer."

That's my answer when people ask what I've been up to since the river closed on Wednesday. This nonsensical retort is a nod to my mother who would suggest this when I said I was bored and I had nothing to do. Well, my sock drawer really didn't need sorting this past week, but a huge mass of discarded fishing leaders did. For years they've been piling up and I finally got around to doing something about it. Surprisingly, the chore wasn't really as bad as I thought it would be.

This sock sorting thing will be over soon because the Kenai River will reopen to king salmon fishing on July 1st. Oh, heck yeah!!! Although not a day I'm allowed to guide, I plan on being out there. Come back to see how it goes. See you then...

p.s. The Russian River red fishing has been good. Always a nice alternative when you can't king fish.

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Anonymous said...

You can sort thru my “socks drawer” next whenever you get done, Keith. It’s the ratty box in the garage with all of last year’s old leaders in it. I’ll look for your reply when you get done ;)

BTW Russian coughed up a limit of ER chrome in under an hour y’day. Nautilus circle and bead (now a legal “fly” in Fly Only waters)... the ultimate sox drawer!

Beaver Creek Cabins & Guide Service said...

I will gladly sort out your sock drawer if you let me keep the thin twins and bling wings. I’ll even travel to WA to do it.

Glad you’re enjoying the fishing in AK, fNp. See you soon.