Saturday, December 1, 2018

Break In

This wasn't the topic I planned on writing about this week, but we recently became victims of a break in/burglary.  I'm putting the word out on social media to alert my neighbors and other members of our community to keep an eye out for suspicious people who are in areas where they don't belong.
We were lucky that only our office and freezer room were broken into. The cabins were left untouched.
When I called the Kenai police department to report the break in, I was told four other properties on Angler Drive suffered the same fate. For a neighborhood that hasn't experienced this before, we're all a bit on edge.
The most significant loss was our ARY VacMaster VP215 chamber vacuum sealer. Many, many fish have been processed through this machine and I hate to see her go.....

If you see a used one of these for sale, or if you have any other tips about the break ins, please get a hold of me, or Kenai police officer Peter Fenske at 907-283-7879. Thanks.

UPDATE:  This post was written before the 7.0 magnitude earthquake happened near Anchorage, Friday morning. My son, Mac, lives in Anchorage and other than a scared dog and broken picture frames, things were fine. The Kenai Peninsula survived relatively unscathed and I'm thankful for that. Jane and I appreciate everyone who checked in to see if everything was okay.

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