Sunday, April 20, 2014

One Month Until Mosquito Season

Jacob with the "Bug Zapper"

I was driving down the road this week and saw a church sign that said, "One Month Until Mosquito Season.  Lord have Mercy." Exactly......Lord have Mercy.

Last year was perhaps the worst mosquito year I can remember.  They came early and they stayed way too long. (kind of like a few friends I know).   The little vampires were so bad that it was the first time I ever wore a head net to protect myself.  Simply awful.

Trustworthy Hardware in Soldotna, the best little store in the world, has been selling "Bug Zappers" for years.   I always thought they were gimmicky and never paid much attention to them.   Because the mosquitoes were so bad I decided to pick one up, afterall they are inexpensive and cost a little bit more than a Kwikfish.   Guess what? They worked and they're a lot of fun.

After swatting a few hundred mosquitoes I  realized I should put one in all the cabins for our guests. What's not to like about effectiveness and entertainment all rolled into one.  I went back to Trustworthy Hardware to buy more of them but when I arrived they were sold out. Are you kidding me?   Did I mention how bad the mosquitoes were last year?  Anyway, I spoke to the owner and he said they sold 1800 zappers yesterday, 2000 today, and they were suppose to get a new shipment in the next day.   I made sure to get to the store early just in case there was another run on them.  The photo below is Dan Meyer, and his grandson Jacob, showing off these killing machines.

I hope last year was one of those "100 Year" events.  If not,  I'll be well armed with bug spray, bug zappers, and head nets.

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