Sunday, April 13, 2014

Take A Kid Fishing

How true is that?

My dad always found the time to take me out fishing and I'll never forget that.   As a father I have the same philosophy and have many, many photos of my son Mac and I fishing (zero photos of him playing Xbox).   He's now 21 and this is a favorite photo of mine taken when he was little.  For those of you who are photo detectives you are correct if you say this picture was taken in the Toilet Hole.

Mac and his grandpa (my dad)

Mac is busy young man nowadays with varied interests so we don't fish together often.  Once he finishes college and settles into a career I expect we'll resume our fishing trips together.

Palmquist family.

I'm pretty lucky that I get to bring a lot of families out fishing every year.   I'm always excited when Jane tells me that for my next trip I need to bring a couple of youth life jackets along.   What's not to like about the Palmquists'?

Jr. Classic event.
Besides taking out guests at our cabins I also volunteer a couple of days a year for local Take A Kid fishing events.  Always fun to spend time with like minded people!

So, if you haven't taken a kid out fishing it's never too late to do so. After all, parents don't frame pictures of their kids playing video games.

My dad, big brother Tim, my dad's friend Wayne (yellow hat) and me.


Dave Anderson said...

Pretty damn cool.

Anonymous said...

Good memories of Bert. He's the one that got me back on the water.
Now my kids and grandkids keep me there.
Happy Easter.