Sunday, August 23, 2015

Fishing Report Week Ending 8/23/15

....It's another Kenai sunrise....
It was an excellent week.  Family, friends, and fish.  Hard to beat that in my world.

In the beginning of the week it was the Rafael Schnitzler show.  Raf was up in July with his dad but decided he needed to get his fix of silvers, reds and trout before taking a new job. If he wasn't sleeping or eating, he was out on the water fishing.  He probably wouldn't like me sharing this but if anyone finds a Gloomis fly rod attached to a monster red salmon some where in the vicinity of Bing's Landing, Raf would like his gear back.
Here's Mike and Mary with their limit. They had a productive week catching silvers with me, and fishing for red salmon on their own.
Here's Ted, Vincent and Mark with a few silvers.  These guys were staying in Homer and when their halibut trip was cancelled they called to see if I could get them out for a few hours in the afternoon. Not always the best time to fish for silvers but these guys weren't complaining (as they all said, it sure beats sitting in a hotel room all day).

Here's Chris with his son Jacob, Rick and Mary. All I can say is I would hire 8 year old Jacob to guide for me anytime.

Another family with their limit of silvers. Jacob, Grandpa Laverne, Spencer, and Chris.
Here's the "my" family part of last week. My baby sister Heidi, and Christa came up for the week. They were here to hang out, see the peninsula, and work in an afternoon of silver fishing.  It was great to get caught up, especially with Christa. Jane use to babysit her and I've known her since she was a teenager.  Jane and I hope to see you both on an annual basis.
Mary, Rick (again!), Rich and Ken with a limit of silvers.  It was fun to visit with all of these guys, especially Mary. Turns out we have a mutual friend so it was good to swap stories about him.
One of the only hiccups this past week. Here's Grandpa Leroy, Adam, and Michael posing with the days catch.  Not a bad haul if it were just the three of them.  What you don't see in this photo are the two uncles who were fishless. Hey, we'll get 'em next time, boys....
We ended the week with the fastest limit of silvers so far this season.  I often struggle with ending the day so soon. But, with fishing, you never know what can happen and these guys were okay with being back at the cabins for a hot breakfast.  On the left is April and Mike from Big Lake, MN.  On the right is Judy and Arne from Moose Lake, MN.

I'm not as confident predicting the week ahead like I was in my last post.  I think the fishing will still be good, but hard to say what the daily tides will bring.  I do know with absolute certainty that I will be out everyday chasing 'em. See you next week.

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Dave Anderson said...

That's difficult to look at!

Judy & Arne Isaacson. Moose Lake, Minnesota said...

Beaver Creek Cabins & Guide Service is top notch!!! We had an enjoyable time! Thanks to Jane & Keith!!

Beaver Creek Cabins & Guide Service said...

Always great to have Minnesotan's in my boat. You make my job easy.