Sunday, August 9, 2015

Fishing Report Week Ending 8/9/15

Jane and I had the pleasure of hosting the Bloch family this past week.  The group was here to celebrate Bob and Ruth's 50th wedding anniversary.    From Grandpa Bob and Grandma Ruth to 18 month old grand daughter Mara, the entire clan, except Nate who was seriously injured prior to the trip, piled into our cabins and boat for a week of adventure.

Five minutes into our first morning of silver fishing, Kim showed everyone how it's done.

It didn't take too long for Bob to show the grand kids he still had the touch.   Ruth did too but unfortunately I didn't get a boat photo with her catch.

Allison proudly holding a 12 pound silver.

Bob, Ruth, Andrew, Ben, Allison, Mason, and Brody

Results of day 1 between my boat and Jeff King's boat.  A very nice start to their fishing adventure.

Day 2 proved to be more challenging. Here's Audria and Melana with the days catch.

Day 3 was much like day 2.  Silver fishing was slow but with perseverance we were able to put a few in the box. The highlight of the day was five year old Kayla picking out a pink mag lip lure and then catching this silver.  Can you guess what her favorite color is?   

Here's Daniel, Kayla, Allison, Dan and Michael with the results of day 3.  

Bob and Dan

On their final day of fishing it was still on the slow side.  We caught 3 silvers and missed just as many. The unfortunate highlight of the day happened when I reeled in Melana's line and Dan was standing to my side.  The kwikfish lure came flying out of the water and hit Dan in a rather sensitive area.  If this was the National Hockey League, the injury report would read "lower body injury". So you can imagine what Dan did the next time I reeled in Melana's line.  Glad she had her phone out to capture this defensive pose.....

The "catching" this past week wasn't exactly red hot, but spending time with the Bloch's made me think of the sign that's in Will Jahrig's shop:  The least important part of fishing is fishing.  What a terrific family.   Lot's of love, laughter, and caring.  Something that was good for my soul at this juncture of the season.   I look forward to fishing with Nate on their next visit.

In the week ahead I'll be busy on the water and hopefully a big pile of silvers will find their way into the river.

See you next week.


Melana said...

Thanks so much Keith! We had such a great time and certainly appreciate your and Jane's hospitality. We'll be back!!

Heidi Holtan said...

Great story, so excited to be up there with you next week and fish brother!