Sunday, August 30, 2015

Fishing Report Week Ending 8/30/15

It was a week of excellent fishing and beautiful sunrises.  Everyone that wanted a limit of silvers, caught a limit of silvers.

Here's Sandy and John with their limit on the first day they fished with me. The next two trips that they had they decided they wanted to catch and release silver salmon. They said they loved being on the water and they had plenty of fish to bring back to New Hampshire. No problemo.

Here's one of many fish released unharmed.

And here's another.   John set a record for my boat for the most silver salmon caught in one trip. Believe it or not, he brought in 15 for the day.
Here's Cherilyn, Raime, and Stephanie with a limit of silvers and a couple of bonus red salmon.  It's been a strange year for the reds.  All week long we we've been catching them.  Some were fresh, some where not, but it was all good fun to reel them in.

Here's Travis, Garret, Milo, and Justin with their limits.  Thanks, Milo, for getting me off the river with 8 minutes to spare!
What a fabulous way to end the week.  Long time readers of the blog will recognize these four. That's Dan and Mary Meyer on the left, Judy and Bob Kingsbury on the right.  No doubt, the women definitely showed the men how it was done.  But the men had patience and it finally paid off with two silvers at quitting time.

So, for the week ahead.  According to the biologists we are in a transition period from the first run of silvers to the second run of silvers.  What that means is the numbers are down until the middle of September.  I believe we'll be able to scratch out 3 fish limits beginning on September 1st.  Not sure everyone will get all their fish, but some will.  Find out next week how we did.  See you then.

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Anonymous said...

Glad the fish are paying attention to your Kwikfish!
Have a good week.